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10 New Doberman Tattoo Ideas for Man & Women

Getting a Doberman tattoo means inking a dog’s face tattoo on your body. If you wanna get a tattoo that can give you a strong look, you can surely take a Doberman dog tattoo. You may be wondering why I am telling you. You will get to know if you see Doberman tattoo meaning and its design samples which are given here. 

It is not a regular dog we see every day. This Doberman dog species are trained and they are in police and military. It has a powerful and obedient face value. It is the reason people use its face tattoo on their bodies. It seems stronger, ready to fight. It’s barking also scares people. For its stronger and fearless look, people use its face tattoo to increase their confidence. 

Doberman Tattoo Meaning

Doberman is not just a dog, it is a sign of bravery. Doberman pinscher dog is one kind of medium-large sized generic. Many countries include this dog for its stronger attitude. It doesnt fear anything, can go anywhere for its mission. This dog tattoo symbolizes many things. You can see encouragement, loyalty, strength, and power in its tattoo. Also, these dogs are obedient to their owners. 

Doberman tattoo means a stronger entity that can lose anyone in its fight. You will feel the power with its tattoo on your body. Also, it can say about you to others. Some people fall in confusion, they need an explanation of tattoo design. If you are one of them, take a glance at our designs given here. 

You will find thousands of Doberman dog tattoo designs. But you can’t take them all or you will not like them all. For your personality, you need some special tattoo designs from which you can choose one for your body. Take a look at our designs and choose one for yourself:

Traditional Doberman Tattoo

traditional doberman tattoo


A dog is the most trustable pet animal for us. But what if we can make them for our protection? It will be the best idea. The dog is living with us for a long time. This dog genre is called the best one for mankind. No other dog can take its place. 

You might not see but there is a tradition of dog tattoos in some countries. Now it is spreading all over the world. In this design his face is visible and clearly, we can see his fearless looking.

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Doberman Pinscher Tattoo

doberman pinscher tattoo


Its full name is Doberman Pinscher dog. This dog is not cute like other dogs, instead of cuteness it has a good-structured and brave-looking face. In this design, his eyes are kept blank.

You can ink his tattoo on your body which will increase your inner power. We have told you before that tattoo contains your personality. If you choose the Doberman face tattoo, you have chosen the best design.

Doberman Silhouette Tattoo

doberman silhouette tattoo


The word silhouette means the dark shape and outline of something visible against a lighter background. This design has an outline of the dog’s body. But the eyes and ears are visible here. 

We are familiar with outline images. Many people search for this type of tattoo for their bodies. It can be inked in any part of your body. It is like keeping a bodyguard with you. 

Simple Doberman Tattoo

simple doberman tattoo


In this design the dog’s face is available, but there is no impression or expression on his face. There is a circle in the background which make this tattoo attractive. It shows one side of his face. 

People with good and fresh minds need simple tattoo designs. There are many intricate designs of the Doberman dog. A man who needs simple design would not like these designs. So we have brought this design to you. 

Doberman Line Tattoo

doberman line tattoo


We have shown the Doberman silhouette design to you. You see both have similarities between them. But there is a huge difference between them. As both tattoos are outlines of dogs’ faces, but one has an offensive impression on the face and another has not. 

Nowadays Doberman line tattoo design is more trending than other designs. Because it doesn’t take time to ink. It gives you a nice look at your body. People may go scared seeing his teeth and face. 

Small Doberman Tattoo

small doberman tattoo


If you look closely at this design you will find both the cuteness and attitude of the dog. This is a small-sized tattoo design. This design can be inked on the hand, neck, face, or shoulder. It will fit anywhere on your body. 

You may have noticed that this dog’s tail is cut. Yes, that is true, trainers cut their tails to give them a fighter look. A small tattoo is always nice and attractive. A small tattoo on your body gives you a cute look to others. 

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Geometric Doberman Tattoo

geometric doberman tattoo


This dog’s face is made of geometrical symbols. You can find circles, squares, and angles in this design. It is one of the unique designs. It is also a new design that is being popular day by day. After you have seen the Geometrical dog tattoo design, you are interested in it. Though it has many symbols it hasn’t lost its own face value. 

Doberman Barking Tattoo

doberman barking tattoo


The Doberman dog is famous for its aggressive look. People love its barking. Here is a portrait design of Doberman’s barking. He looks very dangerous when he barks. Trainers cut their tails so that their aggressive face is noticed. A clear view of his barking is available in this design. You can take it as your tattoo. 

Doberman Tattoo Black

doberman tattoo black


All the Doberman dogs are black-colored as their species are. But some people use its tattoo in other colors like red or yellow. I think it looks perfect in black color. This design is fully in black color. There is a knife in its mouth which makes it more dangerous. “No Fear” is written in bold black color. If you don’t like you can remove the writing. 

Doberman Tattoo Cork

doberman tattoo cork


A cork is used to cover something. Doberman dog is wild in the field. It is dangerous until it’s training. Here, it is a design of a Doberman mouth covered by a steel cap. It represents how aggressive Doberman is. You can color it as you need to ink. It depends on your taste and idea. 

A total of 10 new Doberman tattoo designs are shown here. Many types of design have been included here. Our collection has not been so long because we only select the best designs. These designs are not only used by Westerners but also by Asians and Easterns who use this type of tattoo. Doberman has a strong look and wild behavior. For this, it is used in the army and forces. 

We hope you have liked our designs. You can take any of them for your body as you have decided to ink. Select a tattoo design for your shoulder, hands, neck, face, or leg. You can choose a small, big, or medium-sized tattoo design for you. After you ink a tattoo of Doberman you will find bravery, power, and confidence in yourself. This design can improve your personality. 

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