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71 New Powerful Wonder Woman Tattoo Ideas

Wonder Woman is more than just a DC comic character introduced in 1941. The wonder woman tattoo has some special symbolization and meaning that can attract you. For many years women get inspiration from seeing Princess Diana. Try to figure out what is the true and actual meaning of the wonder woman tattoo.

The concept of wonder Woman is much older than you know. In Greek mythology, the wonder woman is a normal girl who is powered by a god. She helps weak people, especially women. A few years ago movie industry DC introduced a new movie of Wonder Woman. Since that time the tattoo idea has gone too far worldwide. 

One thing you know is that nobody will get this tattoo just because of the fictional character. Diana’s presence makes women confident. When they see wonder woman tattoo designs they feel encouraged. 

Wonder Woman Tattoo Meaning

The original name of wonder woman is Princess Diana. Most of us know her as the wonder woman from the DC movie. You may find some concerning meaning in Wonder Woman but the first thing it represents is women’s power. The tattoo of the wonder woman strongly bears the sign of femininity. That is the main reason women can easily make the decision to get a wonder woman tattoo. 

It is your responsibility to know the exact meaning of the wonder woman tattoo before you start inking. For many people tattoo of wonder woman is a passion. They get this tattoo knowing it will remain on their body for a long time.

Is Wonder Woman a God?

Yes, according to greek mythology Princess Diana is the god of the moon, nature, and fight. At her first age, she was a normal woman like others. But then she got great powers of speed, flying, and fighting. Princess Diana or wonder woman symbolizes bravery and power. Her symbolization makes her special among us. Most women can feel their inner power by getting a Wonder Woman tattoo.

Can Only Women Draw Wonder Woman Tattoos?

Well, it is a reliable question in this matter. Because the character we are talking about is a woman. Naturally, women will like these tattoo ideas for their bodies. But that doesn’t mean men cannot get inked with this tattoo. 

A Wonder woman tattoo is used by girls and women mostly. But there are some boys who show respect for Princess Diana by her tattoo. 

Wonder Woman Tattoo Ideas

There are many types of Wonder Woman tattoo designs. One of the most known designs is Diana with superman. Still, you may have been confused about wonder Woman tattoo ideas. But I am sure you will love these tattoo ideas that I am going to show you here. 

The reason for getting a tattoo of personal expression. If you fall in love with something can get a tattoo of it. The only way to show your love for Princess Diana is a tattoo of wonder woman. 

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Wonder Woman Symbol Tattoo

wonder woman symbol tattoo


wonder women tattoo symbol


wonder woman symbol on hand


wonder women tattoo on leg


Strength Wonder Woman Tattoo

wonder women strength tattoo


strength wonder woman tattoo


wonder woman realistic tattoo


Wonder woman has a sword which is her powerful weapon. She is also seen using the rope. Also, we can see a shield that she uses during the fighting time. People use double W as the short form for wonder woman. This symbol is famous among all DC movie fans. You will know it if you search it on google. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, the wonder woman symbol can be the best idea for you. Because it would not take much time to draw. 

Wonder Woman Lasso Tattoo

wonder woman lasso tattoo


wonder women lasso tattoo


wonder woman lasso tattoo 2


Wonder Woman Logo Tattoo

wonder woman logo tattoo


logo of wonder women tattoo


wonder women logo tattoo hand


wonder women logo tattoo


The wonder woman logo is a beautiful tattoo design. It is colorful that can catch anyone’s eye. The combination of Diana’s lasso and logo makes a unique tattoo design. The logo is a small type design. It will not be a good idea to make it bigger. Because logos are perfect in their actual size. When getting the wonder Woman tattoo, ensure the quality of the design. In the logo tattoo, Diana’s face is not visible but her sense is present that you can feel. 

Minimalist Wonder Woman Tattoo

wonder woman tattoo minimalist


woder women and rabbit tattoo


minimalist wonder woman tattoo


Wonder Woman Sleeve Tattoo

wonder woman tattoo for sleeve


sleeve wonder wo man tattoo


wonder woman sleeve tattoo


wonder woman face tattoo


You have got a tattoo on your body but no one is able to see that – it will be the worst thing in your life. The purpose of getting a tattoo is to show others. A sleeve tattoo will be a good decision. You wear a T-shirt, shirt, or whatever but your tattoo will be visible all time. 

An advantage of getting a wonder Woman tattoo on the sleeve is you can draw her full body on your hand. A colorful tattoo will look perfect on the sleeve.

Wonder Woman Sword Tattoo

wonder woman sword tattoo


wonder woman tattoo with sword


wonder woman sword tattoo 2


wonder woman sword tattoo 3


Diana’s sword is her main weapon to fight demons. Her sword is also strong just like her. Whether you are a boy or a girl, your confidence will be high when you see her sword in front of you. Wonder woman has defeated many enemies with this sword. This can be seen as an encouragement for the weak or those who are afraid.

Superman and Wonder Woman Tattoos

superman wonder women tattoo


wonder women superman tattoo


superman wonder woman tattoo


Wonder Woman Armband Tattoo

wonder women armband tattoo

wonder woman armband tattoo 2

wonder woman armband tattoo 3

Wonder Woman Pin Up Tattoo

wonder woman pin up tattoo

wonder woman pinup tattoo

pinup wonder woman tattoo

wonder woman pin up tattoo 2

The fighting scene of wonder woman is a memorable event for film lovers. These are some designs that illustrate Diana’s fighting scene with the enemy. Her armband has caught everyone’s eye. Because that thing has prevented many bullets that saved wonder woman. Diana’s tattoo idea is being used for a long time. In the twenty-first century, this tattoo idea has been popular among the young generation people.

This design becomes challenging for tattoo artists. They have to ensure all the details that the user expects. You may have to spend some extra money to get this tattoo on your body. 

Simple Wonder Woman Tattoo

wonder woman simple tattoo

simple wonder women tattoo

wonder women simple tattoo 2

Best Wonder Woman Tattoos

Nowadays everything you can find online. There you will find thousands of Princess Diana tattoo designs. But the problem is not all of them have good quality. For you, we have presented some cool wonder woman tattoos that are clear to see. You may like these after you see them. We have covered all types of designs that you might be thinking of. 

The concept of the tattoo design of wonder woman is famous after the DC movie. That’s why you will find these designs are related to movie scenes. 

Black Wonder Woman Tattoo

wonder woman tattoo black

black wonder woman tattoo

black wonder women tattoo

Small Wonder Woman Tattoos

wonder women small tattoo

wonder woman small tattoo 2

wonder woman small tattoo 3

Have you seen some cute Princess Diana tattoo designs? Small tattoos are always beautiful and eye-catching. Some other passionate people like black and white tattoo designs. A small tattoo creates excitement inside our minds. The benefit of a small tattoo is you can draw it on any body part. You can use it on your wrist, hand, finger, or neck. 

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Watercolor Wonder Woman Tattoo

watercolor wonder woman tattoo

wonder women watercolor tattoo

wonder women tattoo watercolor

Watercolor is similar to blue color. Normally, Wonder woman’s dress is red color. There is no watercolor on the character. But tattoo artists are used to showing their creativity. It looks nice after adding some watercolor to Diana’s body. My personal opinion says that this watercolor tattoo design looks better on the sleeve. Because it is a verticle design, not a horizontal one. 

Wonder Woman Back Tattoo

wonder women back tattoo

wonder woman back tattoo

Wonder Woman Bracelet Tattoo

wonder women bracelet tattoo

wonder women bracelet tattoo 2

wonder woman bracelet tattoo 3

People always notice Diana’s bracelet. So, it was important to show some tattoo designs on the bracelet. If you are looking for a simple but authentic design this can be your tattoo design. The color should remain golden matching the original one. 

Wonder Woman Crown Tattoo

wonder woman crown tattoo

wonder women crown tattoo 2

wonder women crown tattoo 3

Some people think that wonder woman tattoos can only be used by girls. But as we have said before there are no rules about this. A tattoo is totally a matter of personal choice. Look at the world now. You will see people from different countries using Princess Diana’s tattoo designs on their bodies. Hardly you will find some people who know the exact story of wonder Woman. They just see the movie and show interest to get inked. 

Wonder Woman Chest Tattoo

wonder women chest tattoo

wonder women chest tattoo 2

Wonder Woman Ring Tattoo

wonder women ring tattoo

wonder women ring tattoo 2

wonder women ring tattoo 3

Knowing the tattoo meaning of wonder woman your mind will agree to get any design. Imagine, you are with your friends enjoying a weekend. Suddenly your friend noticed your tattoo and said, your tattoo looks awesome. That time you will realize your choice is adorable to others. The wonder women logo will be inked as the ring tattoo.

Wonder Woman Tattoo Wrist

wrist wonder women tattoo

wonder women wrist tattoo

As you have seen the ring tattoo can be considered a finger tattoo. Once again small designs are being used on your body. Big-sized tattoos are used on the chest or shoulder. Because the chest and the shoulder have enough space to draw tattoo designs as you want. A realistic 3D design can increase your personal attitude toward other people. 

Wonder Woman Tribal Tattoo

wonder women tribal tattoo

wonder women tribal tattoo 2

wonder women crying tattoo

It is better to get a tribal tattoo design instead of a traditional tattoo. Nowadays, the tattoo pattern has changed a little bit. Tattoo designs used 10 years ago are not being liked now.

Wonder Woman Warrior Tattoo

wonder women warrior tattoo

wonder women warrior tattoo 2

wonder women warrior tattoo 3

Princess Diana is a brave warrior character. Her character teaches us not to fear anything. Every bad thing can be defeated. If we find our inner confidence we can fight our enemies. One thing you may have noticed is that in most of the tattoo designs, Wonder Woman is ready to fight. It makes sense for us to be prepared for any kind of disaster in our life. Her short dress and her headband are common in all designs. These have to see in the designs because these are the identity of Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman Shield Tattoo

wonder women shield tattoo

wonder women flying tattoo

wonder women shield tattoo 2

The shield protects Wonder Woman from her enemy’s assault. With the help of this shield, Diana has defeated all of her enemies. Use this tattoo design without any hesitation. Carry a small sign of a wonder woman by her tattoo. This shield tattoo can be inked on the chest or shoulder. And if you wish to resize it then it would be suitable for your arm. 

For a tattoo user, the hardest thing is to select a design to illustrate his/her body. I don’t want you to fall into this bad situation. That’s why I have presented the best wonder woman tattoo designs here. Many types of designs have been shown here. You have seen small, big, and medium-sized tattoo designs. I think it has been easy for you to choose the best one for yourself.

A wonder woman tattoo on your body would help you in your bad situations. Experts say that there are many psychological effects of tattoos on our minds. A tattoo can bring both positive and negative impressions to our life. If a woman is suffering from a lack of confidence in her personal life, a wonder woman tattoo is a suggestion for her from me.

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