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How to Get a Custom Tattoo Design?

If you’re worried about customizing a tattoo in your way, then this article is for you. In most cases, some people don’t like the samples from the artist, or they have a different picture in their mind that they want to make. But due to lack of drawing experience they can’t. Here we are going to talk about how you can customize a tattoo easily both online and offline. Also, you can find some experienced artist lists and look at their portfolio which is going to be helpful. So, try to read the article till the end.

How to get a customized tattoo?

These are the steps that you need to follow to get a customized tattoo,

  1. Going for the right artist

Finding the perfect artist is the first step in realizing any tattoo, and the easiest way to achieve this is to look over a few possible artists’ portfolios. Is the portfolio primarily one tattooing style or a collection of many more? Do you approve of the artist’s overall caliber of the work? Does the artist’s work have the same feel and aesthetic as what you had in mind? Also, tattoo conventions help to gain ideas about artists where you can meet with many professionals and later on can take a visit to them.

  1. Get a consultation

After deciding on an artist, you’ll ask for a consultation to go over your personalized creation. Expect to meet in person if you’re working with a local tattoo artist so they can draw as you go over various concepts. Your consultation might be conducted via emails and back-and-forth photographs if you’ll be visiting a popular artist in another region. You should also talk about the tattoo’s size and location during your session because these factors could influence the design.

Expecting to leave your meeting with the final tattoo drawing is unrealistic. The focus of this discussion is largely on the overall design, and the tattoo artist will likely finish a detailed, final version closer to the time of the tattoo. The price of your tattoo will also be discussed during your appointment. Considering the total price and, if your tattoo requires more than one session, whether you will be able to make payments is important because policies vary. Be aware that those who select a tattoo artist with the expectation of receiving a low-cost tattoo are frequently dissatisfied with the outcome. Your tattoo will last a lifetime, thus saving money could result in permanent dissatisfaction or the need to spend more money to correct or cover up subpar work.

  1. Explain your thoughts

Bring any printed examples of potential tattoo elements, styles, color schemes, shading, and typefaces that you intend to incorporate into your design to your appointment to communicating your idea to your tattoo artist. A picture is worth a thousand words when an artist is trying to interpret a client’s description, thus it will be simpler for you to convey your ideas visually than orally.  Don’t anticipate your artist to be willing to combine additional personalized pieces that you’ve printed off the internet, even though your examples may serve as a reference. Many people think this is plagiarism. You wouldn’t want to run into someone else with your personalized, one-of-a-kind tattoo on their skin either; not only does it reflect poorly on the artist. Be honest and practical when considering the design. Your tattoo artist might recommend bold lines or a different design to make a tattoo that matures well. Keep in mind that while your happiness is your artist’s top objective, their work also showcases their talent and reputation. Any design recommendations will be made to guarantee that your tattoo looks beautiful both on the day it is inked and ten years from now.

  1. Drawing your tattoo

Depending on the artist you work with, you’ll know when the finished design is ready for your final approval. Some people like to start their drawings weeks in advance, while others must finish them on the day of your consultation. Typically, this is influenced by the artist’s schedule. How (and whether) the finished design is provided to you will also depend on the specific policies of your artist.

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At this point, your tattoo artist hasn’t gotten paid for the time they spent sketching and designing unless it had been agreed upon with you and you had paid to acquire the commission of the design. Because of this, some artists prefer to meet in person rather than give you a final proof for your approval. In the past, several clients have abused the situation by receiving their finished design and sending it to another tattoo artist or an inexperienced friend to save money. As a result, tattoo artists are now reluctant to release work they haven’t been paid for. Even though you may have come up with the design, the drawing itself belongs to the artist until you buy it.

  1. Appointment of work

When you have reviewed and accepted the final design, it will be time to start creating your personalized tattoo. Depending on the size and design, this can require more than one session.

You already have an appointment set up, so if you absolutely must change it, always do so with as much advance notice as you can. Also, keep in mind that most shops want a deposit at the time of appointment scheduling, mostly to cover the artist’s time spent producing your unique design in the event of a no-show. Due to this, a simple no-show or a cancellation that is made too late can typically result in the loss of your money. Shave, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin the week before your session to get it ready for tattoos. Dress comfortably so you can enter the area where the tattoo artist will be working or bring something to change into. Drink plenty of water and eat something before your appointment.

How to get a custom tattoo designer?

Well, if you are worried about making your customized tattoo but you’re not good at drawing then you can hire someone who will make your type of tattoo the way you want. Here are some sites,


Fiver is a well-known place to find freelance tattoo designers. There are tons of designers and some are working with a high experience. Just try to read their gigs and portfolio before contacting them. If the design is suitable and matches your expectation then try to contact them. The packages are given there. You will easily know the rates. Try to give them as much information as possible so that they will have a clear idea and will make a suitable design for you. The good thing about fiver is you can sit at home from anywhere around the world and your work will be done. The only bad thing is the designers are not in front of you so a lack of face-to-face communication may happen.

Monkey Face Tattoos

Money face tattoos are also a good custom tattoo designer. They understand how busy everyone’s schedules are. They help you to set up an appointment time that works with your schedule or in being on time while you wait for your design. They make both personalized and traditional tattoos in a calm and friendly environment. They will try their best to accommodate you if you contact, text, or email them with the days and times that will work best for your schedule.

Mr. Tattoo

Mr. Tattoo is dedicated to making works of art that its clients may display with pride. Here, the guiding ideals are rather straightforward.  Original works of art created by enthusiastic individuals in a pleasant, welcoming setting. They use only licensed qualified artists since they have personal experience with how durable tattoos are. They can produce unique works of art each time ink comes into contact with skin because of their innovative service model and dedication to maintaining a tidy and customer-focused environment. They are here to help you express yourself with a cool work of art, and getting a tattoo may be a very significant personal decision.


On Fourth Avenue South, a short distance south of the heart of Nashville, you can find Rebel Yell Tattoo. They can create the tattoo you require rapidly and competently, whether it’s in color, black, grey, or old-school style. They welcome walk-in customers, and you can typically have your tattoo designed and placed within a few hours. A small deposit could be needed to reserve an appointment for designs that might need a little bit extra preparation and drawing time. Professionals with years of experience who are licensed to perform tattoos may address any queries you may have regarding size, placement, design, and healing procedures. Therefore, call them or visit the store!

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Tattoo Stylist

It’s a nice service station where you can get customized tattoos online. Send them a brief explanation of your concept along with illustrations of related or appealing designs. Inform them of the tattoo designer’s desired look, vision, or general course of action. If a committed tattoo artist needs more information to proceed with designing the tattoo design, they will study your idea and get in touch with you. The tattoo artist will start working on your final custom tattoo design as soon as the first draft has been approved. To complete the sketch, you will be given as many changes as you require. When your customized tattoo is finished, they will email it to you in high resolution along with the stencil and the proof of authenticity so you can start inking.

Design Crowd

Try to visit Design Crowd they are awesome. It’s a really good site to get your tattoo design online! Their tattoo design has possibilities to fit any budget starting at a low price. Tattoo projects typically begin to receive designs within a few hours, and since independent tattoo artists from all over the world are competing for your business, you’ll get tons of tattoo design ideas. Just select the best option. Professional independent tattoo artists are available to design the ideal tattoo for you. Obtain your money back if you’re not happy with the tattoo designs or if you don’t get the ideal tattoo for your company. They have completed more than 400 successful projects like this which indicates they are well-experienced. They have many other options besides tattoo designing which you will find on their website.

Floating Lotus Tattoo

Floating lotus tattoo is also a good shop to get your customized tattoo. You are free to use any drawing you discover or make yourself for your tattoo in this area. Just remember that your tattoo artist will let you know if it will make a decent tattoo or not. You might need to change your design. You don’t need to have artwork before you come in because they will sketch for you, especially if it’s a custom item. They can assist you with your concept’s appearance and implementation. Instead of trying to look at tiny pictures on cell phones together during your consultation appointment, please bring printouts of the photos that you like or are inspired by.


Can I make my own designed tattoo?

Ans: You can, indeed. Many customers bring a design they like to the tattoo artist. The tattoo artist will then let you know if it can be replicated and if it is suitable for tattooing.

Is it legal to copy someone’s else tattoo designs?

Ans: No, unless they completely self-designed it, a person with a tattoo cannot authorize its

Is it possible to customize a tattoo online for free?

Ans: An online tattoo design service might be useful if you like to go through many possibilities before visiting a tattoo artist. There are a ton of applications and websites that offer free tattoo designs, fonts, and sketches. You can get ideas free from there.

Is there an app to design your tattoo?

Ans: Yes, Inkhunter is one of the famous tattoo-designing apps. You can design tattoos from there.

Where to get someone to design my tattoo?

Ans: You can find good artists from Fiver or Upwork where you can design your desired tattoo from expert artists. They will customize the design in your way.


Hope this article gives you a better idea regarding customizing a tattoo both online and offline. You can find more artists besides sites. Most tattoo shops provide customized tattoos for you. Try to stay connected and share it with your friends if you think it’ll help them.

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