How to Find Tattoo Ideas

How to Find Tattoo Ideas: Effective Methods

Don’t let the process of selecting the ideal tattoo design for you overwhelm you; a tattoo should be something you proudly wear on your body for the rest of your life. You CAN overthink your tattoo design, believe it or not. The fact is various people will have varied definitions of what “perfect” is. Many people have made impulsive, instant-gratification tattoo purchases and have been extremely satisfied. Most individuals, though, want to think about it a little bit more. Try your hardest, though, to decide what you want for yourself. In either case, let opinions influence you. Don’t let the supposed “lack of originality” deter you if you want a design style that you have seen a dozen times on other people. If it speaks to you and is truly what you want, get it. Also, keep in mind that you can always make changes to a design to make it more unique.

Now here we will talk in detail about how you can get a good idea about your kind of tattoo.

  1. Understand the Meaning

Try to consider your motivation for having a tattoo before considering styles or artists, as this will impact how it turns out in the end. Do you have a tattoo in honor of a loved one? Is it a gift for yourself for your birthday? Or are you merely obtaining it out of desire? These are all equally good explanations, and there may even be a combination of several of them. Whatever your reasoning, define the meaning first before deciding whether a specific look or symbol would be beneficial for you

  1. Check Out Your Favorite Written Works, Motion Pictures, and Video Games.

Pop culture and the media are great sources of tattoo inspiration. Do you, for instance, have a favorite comic book character? What about your preferred movie scene? These types of concepts can make amazing tattoo designs because they work with many different aesthetics and are a lot of fun.

  1. Search on Social Media

If you’re looking for ideas, social media can be a great resource. On social networking sites like Instagram, many artists share their flash creations and earlier work, and Pinterest may be a great resource as well. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while using other artwork as inspiration is acceptable, copying someone else’s design is not. It is disrespectful to the original artist, the wearer, and the abilities and skill set of your artist. Never copy someone else’s tattoo design; unique tattoos are always preferable.

  1. Size and Placement of The Tattoo.

Where do you want the tattoo to be placed, and what size are you looking for? Your artist will ask you questions like these, so it will be advantageous for you to be prepared with a thoughtful response. The importance of size and positioning is far more than you may imagine. They have an impact on a variety of elements, including design complexity, session lengths, and even pain management strategies.

An important consideration in the initial phases of the process is where you put your ink.  Some body parts are more painful, react to ink differently, and require more effort to cover for work. The abdomen, forearms, and outer thighs are the areas that hurt the least when getting a tattoo if that makes any difference to you. The spine, ribs, fingers, and legs are the areas that hurt the most.  Additionally, if you’re having trouble estimating the tattoo’s size, the issue might automatically go away once you choose the location for the tattoo. In this situation, your tattoo artist should actively participate in the process, discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of the location and size that have been selected, and provide guidance on what the result will look like.

  1. Your Style Matters

Tattoos are body art that lasts a lifetime. When you want to come up with an original idea for a tattoo, choosing a tattoo style is crucial. There are numerous styles available. You can see the most well-liked ones below. Investigate numerous concepts to see which one is most appropriate for you.  It’s crucial to realize that other design considerations and options will apply even if you have your heart set on getting a tattoo on a particular area of your body. Think about the aspects of your vision that you are unwilling to compromise on. Remember that some tattoo designs or bodily placements may alter your original intention.

  1. Ask The Professional

You can get outstanding advice from a tattoo artist about what to get for your first tattoo.  For your first experience with ink, they can frequently take your thoughts and transform them into something remarkable. They can frequently give you ideas for your first tattoo that you never would have thought of if you had no idea what you might be looking for.

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Now as we are talking about your style of tattoo, how are you going to define your style, or which one are you going to select?

There are innumerable tattoo styles, and new ones appear every year. Do you desire a leg piece in black and gray neo-Japanese style? A gray-wash neo-noir portrait may be interesting. There are so many distinct types that you should research to choose your preferences.

American Traditional:

One of the types that our store specializes in is American traditional. They have bold, vibrant colors and retro themes, and they are bold and simplistic.


An extension of traditional tattoos, this ink works frequently features vibrant colors, exquisite linework, and a wide range of topics.

Japanese Traditional:

The art of Japanese tattooing is renowned for its exquisite iconography, rich symbolism, and vivacious history.

New school: The artistic style and color scheme of these tattoos are easily recognizable. They are loud and bold.

Realistic: Realistic tattoos, as the name implies, capture the essence of real life like a snapshot. They can be multicolored, yet dark and grey can make them beautiful.

There are many more options available, and this list is by no means comprehensive. Read up on some styles; it will be a great assignment for inspiring you and assisting in defining your areas of artistic interest.

Where to design your tattoos?

Now if you want to create your tattoo and if you want to grab ideas then there are some specific apps and websites where you can find good tattoo ideas and designs. You can use multiple fronts by using these apps. Here are some of the popular among them,

  1. Tattoodo

A social media platform created just for tattoo enthusiasts is called Tattoodo. One of the most popular tattoo websites in the world. With companion mobile apps, the website has an amazing 30 million users. It’s a website dedicated to tattoos where visitors may submit and explore tattoo images, look up and follow tattoo artists, watch videos about tattoos, and read interviews and guides. Tattoodo serves as a platform for booking respectable tattoo parlors worldwide. Consultations can be scheduled directly through a website or mobile app, and studios are listed according to location. Additionally, this feature makes it simpler to locate reputable, secure studios for your upcoming out-of-town inking session.




2. Instagram

Instagram has developed over the last five years from a photo-sharing website to one of the most important visual media platforms. Instagram introduced the hashtag-following feature in 2017, which puts your interests right in the mainstream. Since then, the social media platform for sharing photos has developed into one of the top resources for finding new tattoo artists and their studios. Here, renowned upcoming tattoo artists share images of their work. After receiving a tattoo, users frequently upload pictures online and tag their favorite artists. You can download the image from the Instagram post and save it to your phone if you adore a certain tattoo photo but are concerned that it might get taken down. By just using a hashtag with your preferable tattoo name you can find your desired tattoo pictures.



3. Tattoo Fonts

If you’re considering getting a script tattoo (a word or a phrase), you already know how important the appropriate typeface is. Before visiting a tattoo shop, you can test out 125 customizable fonts from the Tattoo Fonts app.  Write the wording for the tattoo you intend to have, then pick a font and size. If you like the style, download it; otherwise, move on to the next font until you find the best fit.


One of the most well-liked tattoo websites on the internet since 1998 is Regular tattoo-related news stories, artist spotlights, user-submitted tattoo photographs, and interviews are all featured on the website.

To access the community aspects of the website, where you may bookmark your favorite tattoo designs, post reviews, and upload your tattoo photographs, you must first create an account. Interviews with musicians and other well-known tattoo enthusiasts discussing their ink are posted on the website’s often-updated YouTube channel.

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5. Inkhunter

One of the better tattoo inspiration applications is Inkhunter. And it’s one of the most distinctive. The software offers a variety of tattoo design ideas. But you can also utilize augmented reality with the app to try out the tattoo on your body. Simply point the camera at the desired area of your body, and the tattoo will cover it. To view how many tattoos would appear, you may even upload your images using sketching applications or Google Search. One of the first options we would suggest is this one.

6. Inkbox

You’ve probably heard horror tales about tattoo designs going wrong, leading to someone’s profound sorrow. This worry that you might make a mistake can deter you because tattoos are permanent. With its temporary tattoos, Inkbox offers an option. Traditional temporary tattoos are stickers that frequently fail to adhere properly to your skin or fade away quickly.



7. Adobe Illustrator Draw

One of the top drawing apps for Android is Adobe Illustrator Draw. It may be used to create a variety of tattoo ideas and designs. Layers, a zoom range of up to 64x for finer details, and a few other drawing tools are all included in the program. Naturally, a lot of people might look for existing ideas. The artistically talented, though, might want to utilize their phone to sketch up their own, and this is a good beginning. Its roots are in the Creative Cloud software suite from Adobe, which costs up to $52.99 per month. Most of the software may still be used without it.

10. Reddit

Reddit can be awful, but it’s also a terrific site to find tattoos, tattoo designs, and other tattoo enthusiasts. A few worthwhile and well-liked subreddits exist, such as Tattoo, Tattoos, and Tattoo Designs. Sometimes requests are tough to fulfill and go unanswered for a while. However, there are many great ideas to be found there. The Reddit app is ok, but if you prefer anything else, there are third-party solutions. For the prices, you can also purchase Reddit Gold and get rid of the ads.



11. Vecteezy

High-quality digital designs are harder to get than tattoo pictures, despite the former being more accessible. However, the website for vector graphics Vecteezy has a huge selection of both free and paid tattoo templates. Any topic that interests you can be searched for on the website. Over 2000 results are returned when you search “tattoo.” Of course, you may narrow this down to find the information you need.


12. Pinterest

Pinterest is not a form of social media. In reality, Pinterest is a search engine. Similar to Google, but with a lot more photographs. This makes it an excellent marketing tool for tattoos since it allows you to utilize your lovely photographs to advertise your art. So it helps you to make a decision. Also, it helps to understand your taste and what type of tattoo you like.


Use Tattoo Transfer Paper and a Stencil Machine

Now a tattoo transfer paper and stencil machine help you a lot!  Drawing detailed designs on the skin by hand can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you’re first getting into tattooing. A stencil tattoo machine is useful in this circumstance. You can design something and print it out on transfer paper afterward. The skin can then get it directly after that. Which will help you to get an idea if you have this tattoo on your skin and how it will look. Surely permanent ink will not be used here.

We have a complete article regarding some of the best stencil machines in the market. Try to check it out!


As you can see, there are many fantastic sources to get tattoo ideas from. Speaking with your artist and obtaining a consultation will always be helpful, whether you’re purchasing a profoundly meaningful piece, was inspired by your favorite artist, or is just for fun.

Why not wait a little bit if you’re not sure about your idea? It’s preferable to be certain when you’re considering any kind of body modification or ornamentation, so we’d advise giving it a month if you want to think about it. There is no harm in waiting for time, and it might provide you with additional peace of mind. You can also try to get in touch with an expert who can assist you in deciding.

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