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43 Disney Moana Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

Tattoos are art through which people alter their bodies. It is a permanent kind of body art, and design is made by rupturing the skin with inessential and injecting ink, dyes, and pigments into the deep layer of the skin. People feel interested in using tattoos to respect their tribes, nations, culture, even themselves. Moana tattoos are cute and straightforward tattoo ink for people who are fans of Moana movie’s characters.

Moana is a heartwarming Disney movie, and Moana, Maui, Te Fiti, and Tala are the characters of this movie. People are fascinated in wearing their bodies with colorful temporary tattoos featuring the delightful characters; Moana, Maui, and more. These Moana tattoos are fun, fast to apply, and easy to remove. That’s why Moana Tattoos have become popular with all.

Moana Tattoos Meaning

Moana is the fifth Non- Caucasian princess and the second protagonist to be of Polynesian descent. As Moana, the character of an animation movie bears significant symbolic meaning. Behind the meaning of Moana is ‘ocean’ or deep sea. The overarching message of the Moana is that the worst thing happened to you, but you can fight against it to win. That thing doesn’t have to define you.

In this movie, Maui inked tattoos on his body to boast about his exploits and Impress Moana. That’s why Moana Tattoos mean spirituality, intuition, wisdom, and knowledge. People use Disney Moana tattoo favors to show off their favorite characters.

Moana Wave Tattoos

Moana Wave Tattoos

Moana blue wave icon tattoo is the most popular tattoo for people. This tattoo has simple, cute, and attractive designs that will remind Moana fans of their love for the ocean. This small tattoo ink looks very lovely and covers any spots of the human body. People can quickly wear these tattoos on their wrist, ankle, neck, or other accent areas—all Disney fans like its beautiful shaded blue details.

Moana Tattoos The Rock

Moana Tattoos The Rock

Disney creates the first heavily-tattooed character in Moana that comes alive. Dwayne “the Rock ” Johnson is a famous actor and retired professional wrestler who has an affinity for tattoos. The most impressive looks are a complex Polynesian tribal sketch covering the left side of the chest—the left shoulder and arm of his in a half-sleeve design that is covered with tribal tattoos. The Rock contains a rich history. This story is represented fully in his tribal arm tattoo. 

The Rock has a tattoo on his upper right arm of a bull, which is potentially his old nickname ‘The Brahma bull’. It is a Samoan tradition. He inked his family history on his body through the tribal tattoo.

He also mentions that his chest and arm tattoo is a story of his life and journey, .but he believes that this story is about his ancestors and his culture, which play an essential role in his identity. 

The Rock’s tattoos settle to three things: family, protecting his family, and having an aggressive warrior spirit. But it is difficult to make out each design of Dwayne’s Polynesian tattoo. These different tattoos part has different unique meanings:

  • Coconut leaves symbolize a Samoan chief-warrior.
  • A sun represents good fortune.
  • Descending swirls symbolizes past, present, and future.
  • Two eyes symbolize his ancestors watching over his path.
  • A broken face with shark teeth symbolizes The Rock’s spirit projector and the sign of his struggle.
  • A tortoiseshell is meant to deflect evil spirits.
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Moana Tattoos Sleeve

Moana Tattoos Sleeve

Moana Tattoos Sleeve 2

If you’re a fan of Moana, you’ll need some of this tattoo salve with subtle and soothing hints of lavender and rosemary. This tattoo is also suitable for locking moisture to even the driest skin on knuckles, cuticles, and eczema. But some people like to wear a Moana tattoo with their sleeves. In the cold weather, the long-sleeve T-shirt for men is made from Polyester/Spandex materials printed by Moana tattoos.

Moana Tattoos Guy

Mini Maui is a supporting character in Disney’s animated movie Moana, and he is a sentient tattoo belonging to Maui.

Maui Moana Back Tattoo

Maui Moana back tattoo 2

Maui Moana back tattoo 3

Maui Moana back tattoo 1

Moana Baby Tattoo

Moana Baby Tattoo

Moana baby tattoo

Moana’s baby tattoo is adorable. If you wear this tattoo, it will put a smile on your face. In this tattoo, the artist very crafty inked young Moana’s portrayed that she is playing innocently in the waves like the scene in the movie. Baby Moana holds her little conch shell with the Heart of Te Fiti. The outline of these tattoos is elegant and clean.

Moana Maui Chest Tattoo

Moana Maui chest tattoo 1

Moana Maui chest tattoo 2

Moana Tattoo on Hand 

Moana tattoo on hand 1

Moana tattoo on hand 2

Moana tattoo on hand 3

Moana Tattoo on Leg

Moana tattoo on leg

Moana tattoo on leg 2

Moana Pig and Chicken Tattoo

Moana pig and chicken tattoo

Moana pig and chicken tattoo 2

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Moana pig and chicken tattoo 3


Moana’s pig is one of the tattoo features where Pua is bearing an oar in his mouth. The background of this tattoo is made of geometric flowers and leaves that give you the touch of a tropical, Polynesian vibe. Moana pig is an excellent tattoo for anyone who likes Moana’s furry little sidekick.

The chicken tattoo, a portrait of Hei Hei, will make you laugh and smile every time. Moana’s silly chicken has immense details and bright color, as it served a bunch of humor in the movie. People fan of this funky bird-like to ink this unique tattoo on their leg, foot, and arm or torso.

 Hei Hei is a character from the Moana film, and it is a word of Hawaiian language that means disturbance or an interruption from the norm

Moana Tattoo Dwayne Johnson

Moana tattoo Dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson played the character Maui in the movie Moana, whose arms are covered with intricate tattoos. As he is a Physically imposing character, he shows his strength and power, and his body looks attractive covered with meaningful tattoos. These images are a scrapbook of the demigod’s accomplishments, and these are not static ones.

Moana Maui Hook Tattoo

Moana Maui hook tattoos

Moana Maui hook

Maui’s fish hook was made from the jawbone of his grandmother, Muri Ranga Whenua. His fish hook name is Manaiakalani, mentioned in the Maui myth. The Fishhook was also seen on the side of Finnick’s van in Zootopia. This hook is the leading source of Maui’s power, and people feel interested in ink. 

Moana Maui hook tattoos to express their strength and power.

The Hawaiian bone fish hook necklace has a meaning that comes from the deep connection and reverence for the ocean. The ocean adjoining them was their source of food and their means of travel—a bonefish hook symbolizes prosperity, strength, abundance, and great respect for the sea. At present, in Macau, Hawaiian fish hooks perpetuate the Hawaiian way of life through contemporary jewelry. Ancient Hawaiians have a faith that a bone necklace takes on the part of the spirit of those who wear it. The necklace creates a sacred link between predecessors, spanning time and distance, and becomes a spiritual link. A chiseling worn out by family members over many generations contains the spirit and shows up in this spirit they contain fish hook tattoos.

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Moana Fish Hook Tattoo

Moana Fish Hook Tattoos

Maui is a demigod- half God and half mortal. He brings super strength and supersizes with this iconic fish hook that is 20 long with motion-activated lights and sounds. Press the button on the bottom of the hook. Maui relives the adventure all over. People who obtain such adventures like to ink Moana Fish Hook Tattoo. This tattoo is simple and colorful and features a combination of a magical hook and a tropical flower.

Moana Dad Tattoo

Moana Dad Tattoos 1

Moana Dad Tattoos 2

Moana tattoos are based on Polynesian culture, and here, human beings are the children of Rangi. In this tradition, Rangi represents Heaven and dad represents Earth.

Polynesian people think that human beings Rangi and dad have a great union, and they ink tattoos on their bodies to find that union. The upper part of their bodies link to the spiritual aspect, and the lower part links to the Earth.

Pua & Hei Hei Tattoo

Pua Hei Hei Tattoo

Pua Hei Hei Tattoo 2

Moana Stingray Tattoo Back

Stingray Tattoo

Moana Stingray Tattoo Hand

Moana Stingray Tattoo Hand

Moana Stingray Tattoo Hand

Moana Te Fi Ti Tattoo


Moana Te Fi Ti Tattoo

Te Fi Ti Tattoo 

Te Fi Ti Tattoo 1 1

Te Fiti is one of the crucial characters in Disney’s animated feature film Moana. She can create life through the power of her heart, and her sole purpose is to spread life across the ocean. She created vast creation and laid herself to rest, and formed her body into an island. That time her heart became the most desired treasure, and villainous thieves expected it for their self-interest. The mischievous and highly regarded demigod Maui stole her heart.

Moana struggle to return Te Fiti’ heart is the central theme of Moana’s movie. At last, Moana returns Fiti heart, and she turns again her previous formed.

Te Ka Moana

Te Ka Moana 2

Te Ka Moana

After losing her heart, Te Fiti turns into Te ka. Te ka is a Polynesian word that means “the burning one.”
Te Fiti and Te ka are opposites; while Te Fiti desires to spread life and beauty, Te ka pursues death and corruption.

Moana Color Tattoo Leg

Moana Color Tattoo Leg 

Moana Color Tattoo Leg 2

Moana Tattoo Sleeve

Moana Tattoo Sleeve

Moana’s Mom Tattoo

Moana's Mom Tattoo

Mini Maui Tribal Tattoo

Mini Maui tribal tattoos 1

Mini Maui tribal tattoos 2

Mini Maui tribal tattoos

Maui’s full name is Maui- tikitiki – a – Taranga . He had a miraculous birth, and his mother threw her premature baby into the ocean. That time the gods saved him and raised him to become a demigod. The Gods looked after him to provide gifts for His entire body was inked with tattoos, and Maui’s tattoos express his boast about his exploits. The Maui temporary tattoos include all front, back, arms, and legs. Mini Maui is the combination of many tattoos featured on the body of Maui. 

All tribal tattoos don’t bear the same meanings. The meanings behind the tattoos will change from culture to culture and between designs. It is essential to know the meaning behind each design element and the significance of placement before inking these tattoos.

Mini Maui tribal tattoos are the symbol of protection, power, strength, and spirit. Maui has a Mini-Maui tattoo on his body in which he stands mighty with his hook that indicates he is ready for the next battle. 

Human beings have an inherent tendency to make themselves extraordinary by using unique tattoo designs. Moana Tattoos are an excellent choice for people to express their enchanting to Moana’s characters. Tattoo artists show their talent by inking a living character through tattoo designs on human bodies.

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