Sparkling Star Bikini Line Tattoo

20 Small Bikini Line Tattoo Ideas That Looks Sexy

Do you want to create seductive looks? If yes, you are in the right place. Bikini lines are the sexiest area of the body where you can get a tattoo. Every woman, especially physically fit women are highly interested to get a bikini line tattoo.

We have gathered ideas for bikini line tattoos for ladies. You can call it collections of sexy bikini line tattoos. You can find out bikini line tattoo images below. To notice more information, keep reading this article and you will be amazed.

Seductive Bikini Line Tattoo Designs

1. Rose Bikini Line Cover-Up Tattoo

Rose Bikini Line Cover-Up Tattoo

The design represents a beautiful rose on the bikini line. It has a few specialties. Firstly, It is placed on the sexy spot on the body. Secondly, the rose is nicely drawn with black ink. Finally, the artist has shown their artistic capacity with the design. It will show how much a flower lover you are.

2. Small Bikini Line Butterfly Tattoo

Small Bikini Line Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly on the hips! What a concept! sexy girls can illustrate butterflies on the bikini line. When you analyze the design, you can notice a few beautiful aspects. Firstly, the butterfly is perfectly placed in the seductive spot. Secondly. two butterflies are shown separately with black ink. Finally, the design has it is own beauty. It will represent your happy nature or your cherished flying in the sky.

3. Tiny Skull Bikini Line Tattoo

Tiny Skull Bikini Line Tattoo

Bikini line tattoos are demanded from the girls to make themselves sexy. Why don’t you try the sexy look with a horror vibe? The design reflects a skull head and a sword in the mouth. The skull is drawn in black color. The design is also intensified lightly. It will reflect how much you are connected to horror experiences.

4. Bikini Line Flower Tattoo

Bikini Line Flower Tattoo

Do you think you are as beautiful as a flower? you should try out this design. On the bikini line, you can illustrate a set of flowers and leaves with black ink. The flower petals and leaves are intensified with the black color. Girls want to make themselves sexy and they should get it.

5. Cute Bikini Line Tattoo

Cute Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo design represents a single butterfly on the bikini line. It reflects different meanings. Such as- it means you admire the butterfly. If your life is as busy as a butterfly’s, it will illustrate the busy time of your life. The design is very simple and cute.

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6. Bikini Line Name Tattoo

Bikini Line Name Tattoo

Girls can illustrate their names or their lover’s name through the bikini line tattoo. The bikini line is not only the thigh area but also the neck area. They find it sexy to write the names.

7. Beach Girl Tattoo Near Bikini Line

Beach Girl Near Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo represents a very impressive design. You can see the tattoo design from different dimensions.  Firstly, the design is placed behind the boobs area. Secondly, it illustrates a beach girl wearing a hat. Finally, the hat is intensified nicely and the girl is drawn with black ink. The design directs the meaning that you are an independent girl.

8. Flower Above Bikini Line Tattoo

Flower Above Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a flower on the bikini line. The flower has a lot of petals and is intensified with straight lines. Moreover, the leaves are shaded in black color. In addition, a little butterfly is illustrated along with the flower. It represents your love for flowers.

9. Simple Under Bikini Line Tattoo

Simple Under Bikini Line Tattoo

Under the bikini line is the sexiest spot to get the tattoo. Girls can illustrate small designs on that spot. The picture showing the design that shows a small flower stick with leaves. They are simply depicted with simple black line works.

10. Bikini Line Heart Tattoo

Bikini Line Heart Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a stylish girl wearing a heart tattoo on the bikini line area. Girls can show off their love for their partner by drawing a small heart near the bikini line. The design shows a small heart drawn with red ink. There is no shading in this tattoo.

11. Bikini Line Words Tattoo

Bikini Line Words Tattoo

You do not have to illustrate not only different designs but also you can illustrate your favorite words or favorite quotes with the bikini line tattoo. The design clearly signifies how adventurous you are because it mentions the word ” Adventure”.

12. Snake Bikini Line Tattoo

Snake Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a snake on the hips. The snake is represented artistically with black ink. The black color has intensified the design. It symbolizes your love for the animal and your boldness.

13. Sparkling Star Bikini Line Tattoo

Sparkling Star Bikini Line Tattoo

Hot girls try something different think. Girls can illustrate sparkling stars between two boobs. The design is simple and classy. the design shows stars are sparking like your future. It also provides you with a sexy look and extraordinary personality.

14. Bikini Line Number Tattoo

Bikini Line Number Tattoo

Fit women are attracted to bikini line tattoos. They want to show their bikini part of the body sexy. This beautiful tattoo illustrates a number under the boobs. The design is small and cute. If you have any lucky number, you can show off that.

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15. Heart Near Boobs Tattoo

Heart Near Boobs Tattoo

The beautiful tattoo illustrates a heart. It is drawn artistically with black ink. Moreover, it is placed near the boobs. When you wear a bikini piece, it will spread beauty for the tattoo design. The design looks simple and extraordinary on the body.

16. Bikini Line Quote Tattoo

Bikini Line Quote Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a quote above the bikini line.  In English, Amor means love affairs between couples. In Spanish and Japanese, it means to love. Overall, it symbolizes love in the person’s life. The design is very simple and attractive.

17. Scorpion Bikini Line Tattoo

Scorpion Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a scorpion under the bikini line. It is nicely presented with black ink and partially shaded by black color. It also illustrates fire on the tail of the scorpion. The design means the ability to control. It also expresses great strength.

18. Hot Bikini Line Tattoo

Hot Bikini Line Tattoo

What is hot more than red chili? of course, you are right. The tattoo design shows a small chili on the bikini line. If you think you are very hot, you can try out this tattoo design. The chili is presented perfectly with black ink. It is a black and white tattoo but looks very seductive.

19. Minimalist Bikini Line Tattoo

Minimalist Bikini Line Tattoo

The tattoo design illustrates a small moon as well as a cute flower. It is placed near the bikini line. the moon and the flower are presented nicely with black ink. Just look at the finishing! The design looks very simple and attractive to the girls. It symbolizes growth and changes.

20. Bikini Line Rabbit Tattoo

Bikini Line Rabbit Tattoo

We all love little animals. Likewise, the tattoo design presents a little rabbit near the bikini line. Girls usually like this type of cute design. The rabbit is drawn artistically with black ink and there is no shading in this tattoo. The design symbolizes your happy nature like rabbits.


  • What bikini line tattoo symbolize?

Sometimes bikini line tattoo symbolizes high hope to touch the sky ( the real meaning is to reach success). A few bikini line tattoo designs represent your bold nature. Some designs symbolize your energy to do something new. A few designs reflect the love for flowers and animals.

  • How long bikini line tattoo take time to heal?

Bikini line tattoos usually take 2-3 weeks to heal. While healing, you have to take utmost care. There are a lot of soaps and creams which enhance the speed of healing. You should use those.

  • Can pregnant women get bikini tattoos during pregnancy?

No, Doctors do not recommend doing any bikini line tattoo because of color injection. On the other hand, when you get a design during pregnancy, your skin may stretch and spoil the design. So, you should get a tattoo after pregnancy.

  • Do Bikini line tattoos painful?

Yes, getting a bikini line tattoo is painful. Bikini line areas include sensitive skin and boney parts. That is why if you get a bikini line tattoo, you will feel pain. There are a few ways like numbing creams which helps to reduce the pain.

I hope you have been astonished to see our collections. We have collected not only beautiful designs but also meaningful designs. We have presented every design with specific meanings. If you like any of your designs, get yourself tattooed quickly. To know more about other tattoo designs, keep visiting our site.

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