Black Inked Marigold Flower Tattoo

50 Beautiful Marigold Flower Tattoo Ideas

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Marigold flowers can create interesting designs on different body parts. They are famous among young girls for their vibrant look. Moreover, Marigold flower tattoos can hold meaning from different cultural and religious aspects. They can symbolize joy and hope in one culture. On the other hand, they can represent death.

We have gathered beautiful Marigold flower tattoo designs for you. They can express your inner feelings and you will be impressed. So, to seek more information on Marigold tattoo designs, keep reading this article.

Marigold Flower Tattoos Meanings: Meaningful But Surprising

Christians are assumed as “Mary’s Gold” in honor of Jesus’ mother. In the Bible,  The marigold represents simplicity. It was used to decorate church altars. In Mexican culture, Marigolds are associated with the day of death. To honor the person who passed away already, you can get a marigold tattoo.
The Marigold flower tattoo symbolizes your positivity towards your life. It also represents you are hardworking. Moreover, it depicts your aspiration for success. It strongly portrays your warmth and strong values that you have inherited from your family or by yourself. It also means you are a caring person and creative person.

Marigold October Birth Flower Tattoo

1. Colorful Marigold Hand Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a colorful marigold flower stick. The stick of the flower and leaves are shaded with green color. The marigold flower is dyed with yellow paint. Moreover, the design is placed on the lower hand. It looks beautiful also.

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Colorful Marigold Hand Tattoo


2. Botanical Marigold Tattoo

The tattoo portrays different stages of Marigold Flowers. The first one is when the flower is born as the new baby has been delivered. The second stage is when the flower is in mid-time. The final stage is Marigold Flower’s mature time. The design is also colorful. So, you have to take a little more care.

Botanical Marigold Tattoo


3. Fineline Marigold Leg Tattoo

In this tattoo, the mighty Marigold is drawn with black ink. Its leaves are shaded partially. The flower is providing a 3D look to the wearers. When the wearer applies a Marigold flower tattoo on the lower legs, it looks more beautiful. Most of the time females prefer this type of design.

Fineline Marigold Leg Tattoo


4. Marigold Rose Tattoo

The tattoo design looks like pencil art. It is placed on the lower arm. Marigolds are represented beautifully in this tattoo. Moreover, a few Roses are also illustrated artistically. The design makes the wearer beautiful, especially girls who are attracted to this design.

Marigold Rose Tattoo


5. Colorful Shoulder Tattoo

Who does not love flowers? When the flower has vibrant look and is like ornaments on the body, you will like is sure. Females like to get this type of design as it creates an ornamented design on the shoulder. The marigold flower tattoo design looks very vibrant and attractive.

Colorful Shoulder Tattoo


Marigold Flower Drawing Tattoo

6. Colorful Marigold Drawing Tattoo

The design represents a girl holding Marigolds. The girl is wearing beautiful bangles and nail paint on her nails. It’s time to compliment the flowers. The flowers are shaded in orange color. Its leaves are dyed with green color. To intensify the leaves, red color is used. The marigold flower tattoo design looks amazing.

Marigold Flower Drawing Tattoo


7. Marigold Turtle Tattoo

In this beautiful marigold flower tattoo, there is a combination of an animal and a flower. Firstly, let us explain more about the turtle. It is shaded with a light green color. How we can ignore the flowers? They are represented with orange color and their leaves are green shaping nicely.

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Marigold Turtle Tattoo


Marigold Black & White Flower Tattoo

8. B/W Arm Tattoo

Marigold flower tattoo is beautiful not only when it is colorful but also when it is black and white. In this tattoo, two marigolds are represented. Its petals are drawn with artistically and shaded slightly with grey ink. The design is placed on the arm.

Black & White Arm Tattoo


9. B/W Lower Arm Tattoo

It is the fancy design of a marigold flower tattoo. It seems that the lower arm is decorated with Marigold flowers and their leaves. The upper flower is comparatively large and flourished with petals. The lower one is a comparatively small flower. A bunch of leaves complemented the design.

B/W Lower Arm Tattoo


10. Marigold & Cosmos Flower Tattoo

The design seems like a flower crown on the shoulder. It includes three marigold flowers. All of them are shaded with black ink and intensified the corners with dark ink. Girls who want to decorate their shoulders will be attracted to this design.

Marigold & Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Small Marigold Flower Tattoos

11. Marigold With Green Leaves Tattoo

In this colorful tattoo, there are various attributes are noticeable. Firstly, the marigold flower is shaded with light yellow color. There is detailed work on the flowers. That makes the flower real. Secondly, the leaves are shaped perfectly and dyed with dark green color.

Marigold With Green Leaves Tattoo


12. Marigold Sideboob Tattoo

Many women want to make their bodies sexy baby creating tattoos on their special body parts. To make yourself sexy, you can try out a marigold flower tattoo on the side of your boobs. The flowers are created with fine lines. There is no shading on the design.

Marigold Sideboob Tattoo


13. Colorful Flower Hand Tattoo

The tattoo represents a small illustration of the Marigold Flower. As it is a colorful tattoo, it looks vibrant. You have to take a little more care as color does not last long. The design is placed under the wrist. Females prefer this type of design.

Colorful Flower Hand Tattoo


14. Marigold Vibrant Leg Tattoo

The design is a beautiful illustration of Marigold flowers on the leg. The flowers are nicely shaded with light yellow color and the petals are intensified. The leaves are dyed with dark green color and shaped perfectly like the real leaves.

Marigold Vibrant Leg Tattoo


15. Marigold Linework Tattoo

Two Marigold flowers are designed in a circle shape. They are drawn in black color with fine lines. There is no shading on the flowers. The tattoo looks outstandingly beautiful on the arm Girls prefer this design the most. The design is simple and wonderful.

Marigold Linework Tattoo

16. Marigold Flower Tattoos With Carnations

Marigold Flower Tattoos With Carnations


17. Flower Tattoo With Marigold & Poppy

Flower Tattoo With Marigold & Poppy


18. Marigold Flower Tattoo With Daisy

Marigold Flower Tattoo With Daisy


19. Marigold Flower Tattoo With Lily

Marigold Flower Tattoo With LIily


20. Marigold Flower Sketch Tattoo

Marigold Flower Sketch Tattoo


21. American Traditional Marigold Tattoo

American Traditional Marigold Tattoo


22. Marigold Flower Ankle Tattoo

Marigold Flower Ankle Tattoo


23. Marigold Flower Name Tattoo

Marigold Flower Name Tattoo


24. Mexican Marigold Flower Tattoo

Mexican Marigold Flower Tattoo


25. Narcissus Marigold Flower Tattoo

Narcissus Marigold Flower Tattoo


26. Marigold Flower Pot Tattoo

Marigold Flower Pot Tattoo


27. Yellow And Red Floral Leg Tattoo

Yellow And Red Floral Leg Tattoo


28. Black-Inked Floral Thigh Tattoo

Black-Inked Floral Thigh Tattoo


29. Colorful Drawing Floral Ankle Tattoo

Colorful Drawing Floral Ankle Tattoo


30. Korean Birth Flower Tattoo

Korean Birth Flower Tattoo


31. Marigold Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Marigold Butterfly Neck Tattoo

32. Marigold Flower Tattoo With Dog

Marigold Flower Tattoo With Dog

33. Memorial Marigold Tattoo

Memorial Marigold Tattoo

34. Neotraditional Marigold Tattoo

Neotraditional Marigold Tattoo

35. Simple Marigold Hand Tattoo

Simple Marigold Hand Tattoo

36. Marigold Black Back Tattoo

Marigold Black Back Tattoo

37. Colorful Flower Arm Tattoo For Girls

Colorful Flower Arm Tattoo For Girls

38. Black Inked Marigold Flower Tattoo

Black Inked Marigold Flower Tattoo

39. Colorful Marigold & Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Colorful Marigold & Cosmos Flower Tattoo

40. Marigold & Narcissus Tattoo

Marigold & Narcissus Tattoo

41. Wooden Carriage Marigold Tattoo

Wooden Carriage Marigold Tattoo

42. Colorful Lily & Marigold Tattoo

Colorful Lily & Marigold Tattoo

43. Neotraditional Floral Name Tattoo

Neotraditional Floral Name Tattoo

44. Marigold Mandala Tattoo

Marigold Mandala Tattoo

45. Marigold Scorpion Tattoo

Marigold Scorpion Tattoo

46. Marigold Collarbone Tattoo

Marigold Collarbone Tattoo

47. Behind The Ear Marigold Flower Tattoo

Behind The Ear Marigold Flower Tattoo

48. Colorful Wrist Floral Tattoo

Colorful Wrist Floral Tattoo

49. Black inked Marigold Lower Leg Tattoo

Black inked Marigold Lower Leg Tattoo

50. Daughter’s Birth Month Special Tattoo

Daughter's Birth Month Special Tattoo

I hope you are fascinated to notice Marigold flower tattoo designs. They are not only simple but also beautiful to look at. They represent your personality and more about yourself. If you like any of our designs, get one for you. To learn more about other tattoo ideas, pin this site for you!

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