20 Birds of Paradise Tattoo Designs & Meaning

The Birds of Paradise is a beautiful flower that has a different look. Although they are native to South Africa, Bird of Paradise plants are now commonly utilized as landscaping plants in warmer parts of the United States like Hawaii, southern California, or Florida. They have become associated with tropical settings throughout the world. They serve as the city of Los Angeles’ official flower.

A lot of people like to create a tattoo of this special flower on their bodies. So, today we are going to share some of the cool ideas regarding this flower tattoo which will make your body more attractive.

Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo Meaning

The benefits of getting a bird of paradise tattoo are numerous. They stand for tenacity, power, independence, victory, and loyalty. Also, these tattoos stand for originality, inner beauty, and love. These unusual tattoos will capture your ideal tattoo design!

Alternatively, this flower spiritually means faithful extends well beyond personal connections. It has to do with faith and having faith in a higher power. The tattoo of a bird of paradise stands for a person’s ascent in their spirituality, faithfulness, and respect for life.

  1. Birds of paradise Tattoo Plant

Here is a simple fine-line BOP tattoo. Only black color is used here, and it looks good. It’s a whole plant painted on the body as we can see the leaf and the tub where it is growing.

Birds of Paradise Tattoo


  1. Black and White Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Arm

Here we can see a big Bop tattoo on the arm where just black and some little white shreds are given. Comparatively this tattoo is big but the place where it is located is eye catchy.

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Black and White Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Arm


  1. Fine Line Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Arm

A simple fine-line tattoo drawn cutely. It is way simple for any beginner-level tattoo artist can make this. Especially girls like to make these kinds of small flower tattoos on their bodies.



  1. Colorful Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Hand

These are one of my favorite designs and I thoroughly want to suggest you make this design if you want to add some colors to your hand. These designs are perfectly drawn which increases the beauty of your hand.



  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo with words or sentences

If want to add some beautiful words, sentences, or names then you can make this style of a tattoo on your body which is simple and looks good enough. Also, the place to add words is perfect which is eye catchy and enhances the beauty of the tattoo.



  1. Bird of Paradise Tattoo on Back

It’s a bit big but you can make a small one on your back and try to add some colors which will look better and will make the place more attractive.





  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo with a Fox Face

Well, this one is too good. Just look at the color combination. It’s a customized tattoo and you can also make it in your way by telling what type of customized tattoo you want to make. Your Tattoo artist will print a good tattoo for you. Want to know more about printers? Then check this article……



  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Leg

Here is a simple and beautiful tattoo on the leg that both males and females can design. No matter whether it is small or big, surely it will increase the beauty of your leg.



  1. Minimalist Birds of Paradise Tattoo

Girls like to make small tattoos on their bodies in a colorway. Minimalist small tattoos are charming and easy to make. The benefit is you can make more tattoos on that place as it won’t take that much space.



  1. Realistic Birds of Paradise Tattoo

Here are some examples of realistic BOP tattoos. The way it is drawn looks very much realistic and attractive. Surely you will need an expert hand to make this type of tattoo on your body. The color shreds are used perfectly in these tattoos.



  1. Tiger Face Birds of Paradise Tattoo

Here we can see a tiger face BOP tattoo. It gives a wild look as the tiger is hiding behind the plant and a beautiful BOP flower is drawn just up to that. This is also a customized tattoo. So, you can customize it in your way.

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  1. Bird of Paradise with Multiple Flowers

Here we can see a BOP flower combined with some other flowers like sunflower, rose, tulip, etc. which looks like a bouquet. This looks beautiful and makes your body part eye catchy. You can also add your favorite flowers to this kind of tattoo.



  1. Women Face Birds of Paradise Tattoo

It’s a customized tattoo made by a professional artist. This tattoo looks very attractive and we must appreciate the idea of the owner that he/she selected this type of creative design.



  1. Watercolor Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Arm

Here we can see a watercolor BOP tattoo on the arm which looks very nice on the hand. Watercolor tattoos have a separate fanbase as it looks sophisticated on your body if it is properly made.





  1. Eye of Providence Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Hand

Here we can see a bird of paradise tattoo which is a bit unique. We can see the flower tree planted on a tub where the eye of providence is shown. One such sign is the Eye of Providence, which is an eye set within a triangle and connected to both Masonic and the mythical Illuminati, a society of elite individuals purportedly trying to rule the world. Here the eye is drawn at the tub.



  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo with a Frog

Frog Tattoo is cute. It symbolizes harmony, good fortune, possibilities, fulfillment, healing, wealth, abundance, secrets, and regeneration. This is the rationale behind why individuals enjoy getting frog tattoos on their bodies. Here we can also see a frog with birds of paradise tattoo which looks like a good combination.





  1. Lion Pair Birds of Paradise Tattoo

Well just look at this one! It looks damn realistic like a painting of an experienced artist. Which shows us a scenario. Here we can see a lion pair loving each other just beside the birds of paradise and rose tattoo. This looks amazing.



  1. Colorful Birds of Paradise Tattoo on Hand

Colorful flower tattoos are elegant and attractive, colorful tattoos that can symbolize a wide range of variants and fashions. Here we can see a bird of paradise tattoo which is very much colorful that brings charm to your body.



  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo Behind the Ear

Here we can see a BOP tattoo behind the ear. The easiest tattoos to conceal are those that are behind the ear. Thus, you can simply wear your hair loose anytime you feel the need to conceal it. Female behind-the-ear tattoos are relatively uncommon, which makes them a terrific way to grab people’s attention.



  1. Birds of Paradise Tattoo on chest

This Birds of Paradise Tattoo on the chest looks nice. Only peace-loving men like to make flower tattoos on the chest and this color combination will bring more beauty to your chest. You can also make one like this.

 Birds of Paradise Tattoo on chest



So that’s all from Birds of Paradise Tattoo which is one of the unique and beautiful flowers. Try to take better ideas from this article and share them with your friends who love flowers!

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