Wishbone Cute Tattoo

28 Ideas of Wishbone Tattoo Designs That Are So Amusing

Are you here searching for new ideas for a wishbone tattoo design? Then you are surely in the right place. So, let’s make a ride with us in this article and you can have your searching need. A wishbone is a bone that is shaped like a ‘v’ and it is situated in the middle of the neck and breast of a bird. Birds are always considered as good fortune. so that bird’s wishbone is also contemplated as hope and good luck.

If you are a good luck charms seeker then this tattoo design is much perfect for you. Tattooing such a design on your skin can help you to bear your lucky charms. This tattoo design is now very popular and famous for inking. The design has the great optimistic power to get on.

Nowadays tattoo lovers are seeking new ideas for tattooing. The tattoo artist always puts their full effort to design a unique one. For this reason, tattoo designs are getting newer and more unique day by day. 

Wishbone Tattoo Meaning

Wishbone is a quite unique and unusual tattoo design. Every tattoo has a symbolic meaning whether it is fun meaning or cultural. A wishbone tattoo has a symbolic keynote. This tattoo is the symbol of good luck and hope. It also possesses the meaning of optimistic fortune. In some countries breaking wishbone is a game. It refers to two-person breaking the bone and between them who possess the larger part can make a wish.

Some also played in a different way, balancing the bone on their nose and before it is falling he makes the wish. They believe that it will bring good fortune for them. This tattoo design represents luck in the future. People sneck it as a tattoo design for its divine and spiritual belief.

  • Simple Wishbone Tattoo

Look at this simple design with two purple flowers on it and two leaves are circle around the flower. This tattoo design seems so beautiful.

Simple Wishbone Tattoo

  • Realistic Wishbone Tattoo

Oh look at the tattoo design, it looks so real and convincingly that it is not like a picture tattoo.

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Realistic Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone With Flower Tattoo

This floral tattoo with a wishbone makes the design more attractive. The flower with the branch and there are three little buds hanging on the branch look smooth.

Wishbone With Flower Tattoo

  • Broken Wishbone Tattoo & Meaning

“Wishbone game” is a famous game among the Americans. At the Thanksgiving party, they usually play the game with cooked turkey’s bone that is called the wishbone. Two-person hold the bone from two sides and make a wish and then disband the bone. If the bone is not evenly broken then it is thought that whoever has the larger part his wish becomes fulfilled. When the bone is evenly broken then both of the party’s wishes become full filled. A broken wishbone symbolizes the fulfillment of the desire of the holding party’s.

Broken Wishbone Tattoo
  • Small Wishbone Tattoo

This cute little tiny tattoo design is very famous among tattooers. 

Small Wishbone Tattoo

  • Flower & Broken Wishbone Cute Tattoo

Look at this cute design, it gets the title cute because of its admiring looks. A small catchy flower is blooming from the broken part and this brings memoir to this design.

Wishbone Cute Tattoo

  • Matching Wishbone Tattoo

A matching tattoo describes the bond between the persons who are having the same tattoo. In this matching design, both people hold a tiny little wishbone on their forearms.

Matching Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Leg Tattoo

This lower leg wishbone design is like it is broken and all the powers of the bone spread all around.

Wishbone Leg Tattoo

  • Darnel With Wishbone Tattoo

You can also have this one the most charming design. A branch of darnel twists around the wishbone like the bone is the stake of it.

Darnel With Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone With Spider Net Tattoo

This wishbone design is beset by a spider net and tiny flowers all around the bone. The picture looks so orphean.

Wishbone With Spider Net Tattoo

  • Bird And Wishbone Tattoo

In this design, a bird is holding the wishbone in its paw. It seems like the bird stole the bone and carry with itself.  

Bird And Wishbone Tattoo

777 is a highly spiritual number that denotes divine guidance. You can put on a tattoo with the wishbone and include this number in your design. It clearly describes your spiritual belief and desire. 

Wishbone With Number Tattoo

  • Quote With Wishbone Tattoo

The quote is always welcome with any tattoo art. You can choose a quote that influences you with a positive notion. This tattoo design with the quote expresses the desire of the tattooer.

Quote With Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Colorful Tattoo

 Look at this colorful tattoo picture with the blooming of colors. The yellow stars, a green flower, purple leaves, and lite purple bone together furnish the design so colorfully.

Wishbone Colorful Tattoo 

  • Strawberry With Wishbone Tattoo

In this picture design a branch of strawberry hanging on the bone. 

Strawberry With Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Colorful Feather Tattoo

Feather art is a very popular tattoo with any symbolic tattoo design. You can add this type of colorful feather with your wishbone tattoo. Your design will become more attractive to look at.

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Wishbone Colorful Feather Tattoo

  • Broken Wishbone With Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo design shows as danger or represents death. That death does not frighten them and it bears pragmaticism so with the wishbone.

Broken Wishbone With Skull Tattoo

  • Wishbone Minimal Tattoo

This minimal wishbone design is so endearing and tiny. 

Wishbone Minimal Tattoo

  • Snake with Wishbone Tattoo

In this tattoo art, the cobra snake is implicated with a broken wishbone.

Snake with Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Tattoo For Back

Especially women and also men are very fond of this type of back tattoo design.

Wishbone Tattoo For Back

  • Wishbone And Eye Tattoo

Here in this design, a wishbone over an eye and a moth is also there underneath the eye. This picture seems devotional.

Wishbone And Eye Tattoo

  • Tooth And Wishbone Tattoo

Tooth represents the subsistence of the soul. In this design, you can see a bone with two flowers in it and a tooth below the bone.

Tooth And Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Forearm Tattoo

Wishbone Forearm Tattoo

  • Wishbone Behind Ear Tattoo

Back Ear Wishbone Tattoo

  • Wishbone Rose Tattoo

This is a full black rose with a wishbone tattoo design that is so stunning.

Wishbone Rose Tattoo

  • Wishbone Bulb Tattoo

There is a feather on one side of the wishbone and a bulb on the other side in this tattoo design. This is a simple and also a unique picture.

Wishbone Bulb Tattoo

  • Wishbone Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are very popular and demandable these days. This wishbone finger tattoo gives you the cool look to your attire.

Wishbone Finger Tattoo

  • Butterfly And Wishbone Tattoo

Oh, this is a gorgeous tattoo design with a colorful celestial butterfly you wish to put on. This can give you a better look.

Butterfly And Wishbone Tattoo

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What does a broken wishbone tattoo symbolize?

— wishbone is the symbol of luck. It is a tradition that two-person crack the bone and who has the larger part means his wish comes true. If the bone cracked in even then both party’s wish comes true. It must be broken to full fill the wishes.

  • Does a broken wishbone tattoo symbolize unluck?

— No, the broken wishbone design is not a symbol of unluck. Wishbone is itself a sign of good luck or good fortune. It is believed that whoever cracked or broke the bone evenly makes a wish then their wish will be fulfilled.

  • Can I have a wishbone with a bird tattoo?

— surely you have. The wishbone is also a bone of a bird. Birds are the symbol of hope and consider as good destiny so as the wishbone. If you have both the bird and bone tattoo, it strongly affects your thoughts.

We come up with these most innovative wishbone tattoo designs. If you are thinking of inking yourself with this design then you can have a totally positive impact on you and also on others. The tattoo design looks so simple and you can add with it any other mark or sign or any quote or any theme you wish to seem better. Mostly this picture is tattooing on the forearm but you can put it on your neck, back of the ear, the lower portion of the leg, chest, shoulder, and anywhere you want to. Now it’s your turn to look above and choose the perfect design for your desire.

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