Hand-cover Spidernet Cholo Tattoo

14 Top Cholo Tattoo Ideas That Will Prick Your Interest

Creepiness, Mystery, Darkness- these are the main ingredient of cholo tattoos meaning. Actually, Cholo tattoos meaning represent dark energy. Its scary graphical interface holds deep but shocking meanings. 

There are lots of cholo tattoos with various designs and patterns. 

Hand-cover Spidernet Cholo Tattoo:

A creept skull with a spider net makes it horror. The fact is, adding the mustache makes it more creepy. Are you always planning to do a horrible task? Do you always involve yourself in creepy activities? This is for you. Its position makes it a little bit weird and you may fall into a little bit of trouble.

Hand-cover Spidernet Cholo Tattoo

Gangster Cholo Tattoo:

If you are looking for a gangster gimmick for your lifestyle, this may be the best. A gangster with cholo theme seems more badass and bold. The interesting thing is gangster cholo tattoo actually a sign that you are really a dangerous person with bold characteristics.  

Gangster Cholo Tattoo

Pirated Cholo Tattoo:

many of us are looking for pirated theme tattoos. In that case, this tattoo may be the top for you. Combination of Pirate and Cholo makes it creepy and cool. Maybe it will be a scary thing for some people. So, apply it wisely. It is also known as one kind of evil symbol. 

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Pirated Cholo Tattoo

Cholo Angel Black and Grey Tattoo: 

A sleeping angel with cholo theme makes it a mystery. Black and Grey make it bold and cool. Sleeping angel means your positivity has stopped working. Angel under feet means it has resisted by some great power. Combining with cholo theme makes it a little bit evil. 

Cholo Angel Black and Grey Tattoo

Cholo Neck Tattoo Evil Version:

Evil creature combining with cholo theme at neck makes it more cool but scary. It also means that you have a devilish mindset hiding from everyone. 


Cholo Neck Tattoo Evil Version

Cholo Face Tattoo

Everyone is using it to modify their disguise. Different types of cholo face tattoos we are using to bring some messages. 

Simple Cholo Face Tattoo:

Want to represent devilish looks with simplicity? This is the best option for you. 

Simple Cholo Face Tattoo

Evilish Cholo Face Tattoo:

It’s so scary. You have to feel that. 

Evilish Cholo Face Tattoo

Cholo Girls Tattoo

Some girls have modified cholo tattoos according to their mindset and taste. These are also trending designs in the tattoo industry. 

Full Arm Evil Cholo Girls Tattoo:

A devil lady with cholo theme at full arm makes it more unique and awesome. This also carries a significant message. A lady with tearful eyes means she is having lots of pain but that smile indicates revenge. Creepy theme makes it bold. 

Full Arm Evil Cholo Girls Tattoo

Horny Cholo Girls Tattoo:

A badass girl with horny expression actually makes it worthy. Deep back theme makes it more bold and aggressive. 

Horny Cholo Girls Tattoo

Smoking Cholo Girls Tattoo:

This is for cool dude.

Smoking Cholo Girls Tattoo

Damaged Cholo Girls Tattoo:

In this society, a girl has to face any obstacle. At some points, these obstacles are the reason for depression. Sometimes, they become tired to face this. Through this tattoo, we have represented those scars of girls made by society. 

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Damaged Cholo Girls Tattoo

Old School Chola Tattoo: 

This is also similar to gangster tattoos. Here are some unique designs: 

Incognito Old School Chola Tattoo:

Incognito Old School Chola Tattoo

Freakish Old School Chola Tattoo:

A creepy lady with chola theme and giant skull actually make it worthy and creepy looking. 

Freakish Old School Chola Tattoo

Small Chola Tattoo

Small Chola tattoos are those kinds of tattoos that are made by various types of nano-shaped tattoos. 

Small Chola Tattoo

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