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Truck Tattoo – Your Needed 23 Best Tattoo Design is Here

People who are related to trucks like to ink truck tattoos on their bodies. A huge part of our popular keep in touch with trucks every day. Trucks are used in farms, factories, and transportation in every field of business. A truck is not just a machine, it is an emotion for many people. We are used to showing our love for machinery by tattooing their image. As far, as it is the same for trucks. 

You will find many types of trucks on the road. Semi-trucks, pickup trucks, fire service trucks, small trucks, big trucks, and others. It doesn’t matter which type of truck you are familiar with, you can get inspiration by getting a truck tattoo. But you should try your loved truck-type tattoo for your body.  

When a truck passes by, you feel proud as if you are a truck lover. Your emotion goes up when you see trucks. The way to tell people about your affection for trucks is by showing a truck image on your body. Also, it helps truck drivers to be motivated while driving.

It doesn’t matter if you get a small or big tattoo. The matter is how much you love trucks and how much you have honor for the drivers. A simple tattoo can represent your major love.

Seeing your love for trucks, we have brought the latest new truck tattoo design. Since you were thinking to get inked and looking for a truck tattoo design, we have presented the designs gallery before you. Some of the cool trucker tattoos are here and we have described the meaning so that you can understand.

Choose big-sized tattoos for your arm, chest, back, shoulder, and leg. You can ink small tattoo designs on your neck, wrist, or ankle. 

Semi Truck Tattoo

semi truck tattoo


‘Semi’ means a small thing. A Semi truck is the front part of the truck body. The engine is inside this part and it is the power source for the whole truck. The rest of the part is used to carry goods. 

 Semi truck’s inked tattoo can give you a powerful look. The best will be if you ink this ford truck tattoo. Black and white also look nice.

Small Semi Truck Tattoo

small semi truck tattoo


This is a design of a semi-truck. But this one is smaller than the others. It is not colored, only black and white color. For its small size, it can be put on any body part. This can be fit on the neck, wrist, and head. Have you noticed that it is only the body structure of the truck? 

We can see this man has inked this design on his leg. It will suit your hands. If your hands are not inked this design can fit there.

Outlaw Trucker Tattoo

outlaw trucker tattoo


As we know some people transport illegal products using trucks. So an idea of outlaw truck design is imagined by many tattoo artists. It is one of their ideas of them. You can see some of the logs are being transported by this truck and it seems not legal. This is a medium-sized design, you can use it on any part of your body. 

Some naughty-minded drivers can get this design. But it doesn’t mean anything bad, it just represents the driver’s ability.

Truck Driver Tattoo

truck driver tattoo


A truck driver has to show his respect for trucks. A full hand tattoo will be much more respectful to the truck drivers. This design is looking perfect on the hand. It is a bigger-sized design you can also ink it on your shoulder or chest. As you have to show your tattoo, you should get it on your hands only. 

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Monster Truck Tattoo

monster truck tattoo


It is a monster truck. It is not used for any commercial use, it is used to play race and games. Its engine is expensive and it has a huge amount of power. This truck is not like regular transport trucks. It looks like a monster truck for its bigger-sized tires.

Thousands of people call themselves monster truck lovers. Put your name on the list by getting this tattoo.

18 Wheeler Trucker Tattoo

18 Wheeler Trucker Tattoo


You will find countless types of trucks running on the road. 18-wheeler is the biggest truck and it is used for long-distance transport. This truck model is a passion for thousands of people. Truck driver. Here, all the 18 wheels are visible with the full body of the truck.

This design is the most used design among truck designs. Do not lose details of this design, make sure the quality of it. 

Fire Truck Tattoo

fire truck tattoo


In the fire fighting sector, trucks are used to bring water from the headquarter. Usually, the fire truck is colored red color. That’s why this design is also in red color. A red truck reminds us of the firefighters. Many firefighters die fighting a fire in critical situations. A tattoo can show your love for them. 

Pickup Truck Tattoo

pickup truck tattoo


A pickup truck is smaller than others. Normally it is 4-wheelers but sometimes 6-wheeler pickup trucks are visible. A truck driver is always respected whether they drive a big truck or small truck. Forget about the man. removed this man if you want. 

You can take this design as your tattoo as you have a passion for trucks. This is a medium-sized design that can be used on any part of your body. Most people look for a medium-sized design. 

Trucker Girl Tattoo

trucker girl tattoo


Do you have ever seen a truck or car race? If you have seen, you might see there a girl operating the race on the race track. This idea is also can be seen in tattoo designs. Some artists made this trucker girl tattoo. You cannot deny having this cute girl’s face on your hand. This design has been praised in any kind of situation. 

Chevy Truck Tattoo

chevy truck tattoo


This one is looking like a car but it is generically a truck. You can see the empty space in the back of its body. An easy but special design it is. Many people search for this design. The reason you can see on this image. It is only black colored but looks so nice. It is adorable on both men’s and women’s hands. 

Dump Truck Tattoo

dump truck tattoo


The truck with a huge body is called a dump truck. You are seeing one of the most beautiful designs of trucks. Its front part is red and the back is black colored. Having an incomparable face, it is loved by all the truck drivers. 

Ink this tattoo design to have an authentic look. You don’t have to think about the disappointment with this design. 

Simple Semi Truck Tattoo

simple semi truck tattoo


A Semi truck without the rest of the body looks nice when it passes by. Truck drivers enjoy this moment. They know that semi-truck is the main thing for driving the truck. They spend most of their time inside the semi-truck. 

This is just a normal design with the outlines of the truck body. Put your name below the design as you can see here. 

Mack Truck Tattoo

mack truck tattoo


Mack has many similarities with dump trucks. Truck drivers are familiar with all the truck models. In this image, you are seeing it is inked on hand. But it seems that it fits perfectly on hand. If you are looking for a handsome tattoo design this one can be inked on your body. 

Ford Truck Tattoo

ford truck tattoo


Ford is an American multinational automobile company that sells trucks to many countries of the world. Their trucks are light-weighted but perform like super trucks. Almost in every country, you will find their trucks. This truck has a premium look for its shape. Getting a ford truck tattoo is a good idea if you are not having any tattoos now. 

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Simple Trucker Tattoo

simple trucker tattoo


Trucker means who drives the truck. Some drivers want to get a design but don’t like complex designs. For them, it will be the best idea to ink. This design is nothing but a truck’s outline. It is just a 2D design of a small truck. Bigger the tattoo size if you need.

Big Truck Tattoo

big truck tattoo


You may have seen this truck load rock or sand. This truck is a heavy-duty truck. Since the tattoo of a truck symbolizes power, this one is the best example. All the truck drivers respect this type of truck for its power. In this design, some nature elements are drawn with the truck body. It is looking more natural than you expect.

Toy Truck Tattoo

toy truck tattoo


A cute-looking tattoo design of a toy truck is here. Only black color is given for this design. A driver with a fresh mind chooses this design for his body. Some female truck drivers are seen, they will like this tattoo to draw. Don’t think too much to have this tattoo on your body. 

Diesel Truck Tattoo

diesel truck tattoo


This truck is containing diesel from one place to another. All the details are arranged beautifully in this design. This man has inked this tattoo on his hand. The size looks consummate on the hand. Enhance its look by adding any color to it. Maybe the red color would suit this design.

Joe Truck Tattoo

joe truck tattoo


Joe is a tattoo artist. He is an experience in the tattooing field. Here one of his drawing designs is given. Take a look and you may start thinking to get a tattoo from him. He tries to provide all unique designs to his customers. 

This is a green truck having a fire in the exhaust. Get a dashing look with this tattoo design on your body.

Mack Truck Bulldog Tattoo

mack truck bulldog tattoo


A dog is related to the Mac truck name. The concept of a mack truck dog is not so recent. Maybe you are seeing it now but for many years artists are providing this design to their customers. Bulldog represents power, that’s why its image has been used on this tattoo design. In this design, the dog is cute and looks so obedient. 

Mud Truck Tattoo

mud truck tattoo


Normally, not all trucks can ride mud roads or places. But monster trucks are made to run on a muddy road. Truckers enjoy running on mud roads with their big-wheeler monster trucks. In western Europe, it is conventional to play with big trucks. 

This design you will not see every day. Get this on your body and show it to your friends. This design would be appreciated by everyone.

Trucker Memorial Tattoos

trucker memorial tattoo


Huge respect to the truck drivers who have made our daily life easy by transporting goods. Show honor to them with this tattoo design. The equipment here the cap, the telephone, and the boot are used by truckers. This design simply reminds us about the contribution of truckers’ hard work in our life. Get this design on your hand to show everyone.

Old Truck Tattoo

old truck tattoo


Some drivers are driving trucks for many years. They remember all the old truck models they have driven. We have brought an old truck model tattoo design. You can see this model is totally old. Actually, today’s drivers will not recognize this truck body at all. 

We have tried to cover all the truck tattoo designs which you may like. These designs are trending and being used by many people. Artists make new designs every day. We collect them and share them on this website for you. We assure you that we provide only the best designs. All these designs you have seen are being used internationally. If you are still confused about choosing the design, see the design collection again and take one design for you. 

You may have chosen your desired tattoo design to draw on your body. Not only do men like to draw machinery tattoos but also some women are accustomed to it.  Trucks and their drivers are essential for us. Especially commercial people need trucks to transport their products to their customers. It is known that most of the inner-country transportation is done by trucks. 

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