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100+ Amazing Behind the Ear Tattoos for 2023!

Over time, behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming fashionable and trendy in the tattoo world. In terms of the first tattoo, most individuals consider places like arms, legs, shoulders, back, or the belly, but only a few go for sensitive places like behind the ear. In this blog, we have gathered 100+ amazing behind-the-ear tattoo ideas for both men and women who want something simple and distinctive.

Behind the Ear Tattoos Men

When it comes to men, we often suggest bold and classy designs. here are some classy and coolest-looking tattoo ideas that are both bold and simple at the same time.

Anchor Tattoo
1. Anchor Tattoo for men
Tattoos for men
2. Cross on A Spider Web

Another thing is, no matter what design you choose for yourself, your tattoo will be determined by the amount of space available on the side of your head.

Cross Tattoo

Getting a cross tattoo protects one from getting hurt by both worldly dangers and ominous black spirits or satanic traps. During the crusades, the Christian soldiers used to get a cross tattoo to have a strong faith in their religion. Also, from a very ancient time people used to keep a cross near to them as a strong talisman to protect themselves from the shadow of evil. Let’s look for some cross minimalistic tattoos!

Minimal Cross Tattoo
3. Minimal Cross Tattoo

4. Man With An Upside-Down Cross

5. Purple Cross Tattoo with Flowers 

6. A Set of Cross

Angel Numbers

Many people like to get tattoos with numbers that are also referred to as ‘Angel numbers’. many of them believe these can bring them good luck and can be a source of inspiration and guidance. These numbers range from 000 to 999 and each holds a different meaning. For example, the number ‘444’ is known for passion, ambition, and providing protection from ominous energies. on the other hand ‘333’ and ‘555’ symbolizes hope, reassurance, change, and new beginnings. here are some angel number behind-the-ear tattoo ideas for you. the design is both suitable and applicable for both men and women.

Behind the ear tattoo for women

7. Angel number- 444

8. Angel number 777 

9. Angel number 222

10. Angel number 333

11. Angel number-111

Flower Tattoos

Floral tattoos are incredibly popular and can be inked easily. Each flower carries a different meaning including friendship, joy, growth, success, courage, purity, hope, love, and so on. you can also personalize your tattoo based on the multitude of colors and meanings available. It might be a delicate lavender representing grace and peace, or a subtle sunflower representing loyalty and adoration. Now, let’s check out some of the best minimalistic, graceful, and exquisite floral tattoos below:

behind the ear floral tattoo
Source: Instagram

12. Classic Lily

13. Tulip the Perfect Flower

14. Floral Coy Fish

15. Blue and Purple bouquet with name

16. Seratonin floral tattoo

17. Rose behind the ear

18. Cherry blossom

19. Daisy’s tattoo

20. Chrysanthemum with the leaf 

21. Tiger Lily watercolor tattoo

22. Little Sunflower 

23. Lily with The Spider Web

24. A Hand Skeleton Holding A Marigold

25. Purple Iris Flower 

Celestial Tattoo

Celestial Tattoo designs are one of the most unique styles people go for nowadays. It is a combination of Sun-moon or star and galaxy. People who are into astrology or the spiritual realm often go for this type of tattoo. According to many people, celestial tattoos provide protection, wake up the inner soul, and increase positive vibrations for manifestation or healing.

Sun-Moon Tattoo
26. Sun-Moon Tattoo


Music Note Tattoos

Musical tattoo designs are one of the most unique and forever demanding! To ink down music note tattoos, you do not need to be a musician, your love for music is enough to do that. Here are some music note tattoos for your ears to show your love for it.

Music Note Tattoo
27. Music Note Tattoo

28. Humming Bird with Music Note Tattoo

29. Four Music Note Tattoo

30. Treble Clef Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo is another style that is super popular and one of the most common tattoos. Most people get this tattoo to show others their bold personalities. Some do it in order to show their fearless trait.


Behind the ear tattoo
31. Small Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
32. Bold Skull Tattoo

33. Sword Inside A Skull

Skeleton Hand Rock On Tattoo

The skeleton hand rock on tattoo gives a chill vibe which also is known as the ‘I love you gesture’ emoji. you can also get a small tattoo of a skeleton hand rock on to express your fun-loving attitude and how humorous you are!

Skeleton tattoo
34. Skeleton Hand Rock on Tattoo

Moon Tattoos

The Moon is a feminine symbol that resembles a couple of things including motherhood, immortality, enlightenment, fertility, and so on. People with spiritual beliefs use the moon beside other nature elements for manifestations and other stuff. Every phase of the moon including the new moon, waxing crescent, and first quarter to the full moon holds a different and strong meaning, which is why often people get tattoos of moon phases. Every phase of the moon symbolizes a new chapter or a new beginning.


Moon ear tattoos
35. Moon Phases Tattoo

Cat Tattoo

Who does not adore this lovely creature with its small paws, large eyes, and short nose? If you own or adore cats, this charming cat face tattoo is for you. Cat tattoos or cattoos are popular for a variety of reasons, including expressing unconditional love for their feline companions, their exotic and adventurous attitude, and, most importantly, their symbolism. The cat represents spirituality. A cat is seen as a symbol of good fortune, happiness, and prosperity in many cultures, including Japanese, Chinese, and Asian.

Cat Ear Tattoo
36. Cute Cat Tattoo


Suki Dayo Tattoo

‘Suki Dayo’ is a Japanese phrase that means ‘I like you’.  Well, it is not necessary at all to get the exact word ‘Sukidayo’ behind your ear, you can get any Japanese tattoo phrase on your skin including ‘Daisuki Da Yo’ meaning ‘I love you’ or ‘Isshin’ meaning ‘One heart’ or ‘Futou fukutsu’ meaning ‘Don’t give up’.

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Japanese word tattoo
37. Suki Dayo Tattoo

Little Bowie Bolt Tattoo

Remember the front cover of ‘Aladdin Sane’ by the famous rock icon David Bowie? where he wore a lightning bolt across his face? Well! that has left a remarkable place in the hearts of tattoo lovers and was a hit in Bowie’s career as well. Since then, starting from bowie’s fan, many people have inked this tattoo on their bodies!

Bowie Bolt tattoo
38. Little Bowie Tattoo

Angel’s Wings

An angel is known as the messenger from God which symbolizes protection and the wings allow him to travel across the world from heaven. It is said if any of God’s people suffer, angels are sent to him/her for the protection of evil and life’s sorrows. Angels guide that person with their positivity and divine energy. If you are about to seek guidance from your guardian angel, then you can consider getting a tattoo of an angel’s wings.

Angel Wings Tattoo
39. Angel’s wings Tattoo
Angel wings Tattoo
40. Angel’s wings with the Crown

One Word Tattoo

The writer of the international best-selling book “The Power of Kabbalah”, Yehuda Berg has said, “Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.” Similarly, tattoos with one single word that gives you inspiration and confidence can be an option! Words like ‘eunoia’ meaning ‘beautiful thinking’ or ‘metanoia’ meaning ‘repent’ or words like ‘Grateful’, ‘Faithful’ or ‘Expectation’ can be your tattoo. Choose any of your favorite words that lift up your confidence.

Lettering Tattoo
41. One Word Tattoo
Lettering Tattoo
42. Grateful Word Tattoo

43. The Word: Expectation

Semi-Colon Tattoo

Ever wonder why people get semicolon tattoos? well, do not take lightly the meaning of this punctuation mark. Semicolon tattoos went viral in 2015 with very deep meaning about the awareness of mental health and preventing suicide. When an author decides to keep going his sentence instead of ending it, uses the semi-colon. similarly, the author of your life is you and it is up to you how you choose to live. Famous celebrities like Selena Gomez and more have this tattoo.

Minimal Tattoos
44. Heavy inked Semicolon Tattoo
Semicolon Tattoo
45. Semicolon Tattoo with Butterfly Wings

46. Sun Semicolon Tattoo

Clover Tattoo

Clover resembles ‘Good luck’ and ‘prosperity’. Especially the four-leaf clover which is a rare variation of the three-leaf clover is known as a Celtic charm. The four leaves represent faith, hope, love, and success. However, whether you can find a four-leaf clover in your life or not, you always can get a tattoo of this ‘Luck of the Irish’.

Clover Tattoo
47. Four Leaf Clover
Clover Tattoo
48. Three Leaf Clover

Snake Tattoo

The main theme behind getting a snake tattoo is ‘Change or Rebirth’ and they are both survivors and predators. it has become a trend among a lot of people along with celebrities to have a snake tattoo. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, and Skyler grey also have snake tattoos, but if you thinking of one to get around your ear, then we have got your back! whether the tattoo is minimal or big enough to scare one, we have both!

Snake Tattoo
49. Screaming Snake Tattoo

50. Snake with the Dagger Tattoo

51. Witch’s Snake Tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo

Is your zodiac sign Scorpio? Then there can not be any other perfect tattoo rather than a scorpion. Scorpio is the strongest sign among all the other signs. Nothing intimidates the sign and has a strong reputation of being bold. Having a scorpion tattoo expresses the ability to control and bold personality traits including fearless, powerful sexuality and strength. Scorpions are independent and have a strong urge of self-defense with its two venomous glands. Over 2000 different species of scorpions are available and have the intense adaptation ability of being in the harsh environment.

Minimal Tattoos
52. Scorpion Tattoo

53. Bold Scorpion Tattoo

Deafness Alert Tattoo

People with hearing disabilities get this mute button tattoo in order to alert others. This kind of tattoo is quite popular and takes a very tiny space.

54. Deafness Alert Tattoo

Starry Night Tattoo

You might be thinking, how can one possibly have a tattoo of the starry night behind the ear, while it requires quite a good space? Well, you might not be able to ink the whole starry night painting behind your ears, but you can try the small starry moon, or the starry dots, or the starry night inside a shape of a butterfly or triangle.

Starry night tattoo
55. Starry Night Inside A Triangle 

 Star Tattoos

People like to have star tattoos because of their spiritual meanings based on size, colors, and looks. We are also composed of stardust. Stars are the representation of optimism and good vibes. it severs as a reminder of our common ancestry. On the other hand, our ancestors used to find their way back home by looking up into the sky, which is why the north star denotes direction and guidance.

Minimal Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram

56. Star Tattoo with the Half Crescent Moon

57. Line Work Star Tattoos

58. Handpoked Star With A Disco Ball

59. Two Sparkle Stars Tattoo

Heart Tattoos

We all are aware about the symbolism of the heart shape. Heart tattoo symbolizes love, friendship and passion. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women. It has different variations and each of them holds a special meaning. You can make a heart tattoo with your lovers name on it or can be decorated it with flowers or spiritual objects.

Sacred Heart Tattoo
60. Sacred Heart Tattoo

61. Handpoked Mini Heart Tattoo

62. Till Death Heart Tattoo

63. Tiny Heart Tattoo

Strawberry Tattoo

Did you ever wonder about having a cute, little strawberry tattoo that symbolizes both righteousness and good health? This juicy edible fruit is also the symbol of venus which we call the goddess of love. Also, If you are an extrovert and love to enjoy your every moment in your life, then chances are high you are a strawberry personality holder, which leads you to have an wonderful leadership skill.


Strawberry Tattoo
64. Strawberry Tattoo

65. Minimalist B&W Strawberry Tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo

The righteous people always stand for their family and friends and defend for them. If you find yourself righteous and just like the jellyfish characteristics of being calm and following serenity, then it would be wise to get a jellyfish behind your ear. Just as we have mentioned, Jellyfishes are calm, and relaxed and are like jiggled gelatine with no backbone, but when the species feel threatened, they do not stand back from attacking the enemy with their deadly stings.

Jellyfish Tattoo
66. Jellyfish Tattoo

Starfish Tattoo

Starfish or Stella Mara- the Sea star is known as the sign of divine love for a loved one. It is said that a sailor wearing starfish tattoos would be protected. Just like the strawberry tattoo, starfish is also the representation of the goddess of love, Venus. it is not only mentioned in the greek mythology but also in the Christian religion along with in the Egyptian mythology.

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Starfish Tattoo
67. Starfish Tattoo


Koi-fish Tattoo

Koi-fish have the ability to swim upstream against the current and have a strong representation of facing challenges. Koi fish tattoo means ‘strength’ and helps to remind of not to give up no matter how hard our challenges are! This living creature in the water is tough compared to other fish and is a symbol of good health and wealth as well. Also, if your zodiac sign is Pisces, then a Koi-fish tattoo is a must for you. Koi carp also symbolizes Samurai warriors in Japan.

Ear tattoo
68. Koi-fish Tattoo

Cartoon Tattoos

No matter how old you are! it is never too late to get a cartoon tattoo. Check this ‘Bambi- the strong deer’ tattoo idea! Bambi is one of the best Disney classics and also one of the saddest movies of all time. Feeling nostalgia, don’t you?

Disney Tattoos
69. Bambi The Strong Deer

Spider Tattoo

Spider tattoo is both a cool and meaningful tattoo that represents struggle. People might not the insect in the real life, but the insect is quite popular in the tattoo world. Even one of the most popular singers Demi Lovato carries its tattoo, not only one but two of them! Its aesthetic look of it draws a lot of people.


Shadowed Spider Ear Tattoo
70. Shadowed Spider Ear Tattoo


Animal Tattoos

Now, What is your favorite animal of all time? Is it a cat? or a dog? or the symbol of luck and prosperity, an elephant? You can ink any kind of animal behind your ear according to your taste. It can be a cute rabbit, or a walking bear, or a laying cunning fox.

Elephant Tattoo
71. Elephant Tattoo

72. Lucky Rabbit Tattoo

73. Walking Bear Tattoo

74. Laying Fox Tattoo

75. Little Bunny Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon always has a very strong symbolic meaning in many cultures across the world. The tattoo is associated with wisdom and strong masculinity. Although, women are also seen with dragon tattoos in order to show their inner power and the strength of their self-faith. It is one of the most popular choices for the both genders. You can choose any dragon you want starting from western dragons to Chinese or Japanese dragons or the all time popular show ‘Game of the Throne’.

Shadowed Dragon Tattoo
76. Minimal Dragon Tattoo
Chinese Dragon Tattoo
77. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

78. Fine Line Two Dragon Tattoo

Mandala tattoo

‘Circles’ are called ‘Mandalas’ in Sanskrit and are used for meditation, prayer, and healing purposes as well as representing the universe. Mandala Tattoo

79. Mandala Ear Tattoo

80. Mandala Dotwork Tattoo

81. Minimal Mandala Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

Who does not like this brightly colored wings-holding insect? According to Irish folklore, it is said that butterflies are the souls of those dead who are waiting to pass through the gate of the other world and still is stuck. Like other tattoos butterfly tattoos also have a strong and beautiful meaning. It symbolizes transformation and hope.

Butterfly ear tattoo
82. Butterfly Tattoo
Minimal Tattoo
83. Minimal Butterfly Tattoo

Honey-Bee Tattoo

During ancient times the insect ‘Honey bee’ was used to be known as a symbol of wisdom and creativity that would connect the natural world and the spiritual realm. According to ancient Egypt, it is said that bees are the tears of their Sun God Ra. It is also believed that honey bee attracts wealth and prosperity and brings messages from the Divine.

Small Tattoos
84. Simple Honey Bee Tattoo

85. Cute Neo Traditional Bee Tattoo

86. Honey bee chasing lavender

87. Bumble Bee Tattoo

Cherry Tattoo:

You might think like every tattoo does a cherry tattoo symbolize anything? the answer is Yes! This tattoo symbolizes innocence, virtue, fertility, and all the other meanings related to women. Nowadays, this tattoo is quite a popular choice for women because of its rich color. Also having two cherries tattoo mean ‘love’ and ‘In a relationship’.


Minimal Tattoos
88. Cherry Tattoo
Cherry Tattoo Ideas
89. Red Inked Minimal Cherry Tattoo

Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are known to work as Indian amulet that protects one from having nightmares. It is said that, if anyone keeps a hanging dream catcher inside the room in which he or she sleeps, that person would be protected from having any kind of negative thoughts or bad dreams and would have a calm and sound sleep.

Dream Catcher Tattoo
90. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Fairy Tattoo

Having a fairy is more likely to carry a guardian angel with you. If you are someone who likes fairy tales and believes in magic or witchcraft then consider having one! your tattoo can be of gothic fairies or Disney Fairies!

Fairy Tattoo
91. Little Bloody Fairy

Bird Tattoo

People with free minds, who call themselves a great lovers of freedom often get tattoos with birds. Besides flying freely this species is not dependent on any other living things. Men and women with bird tattoos often try to express their inner nature or characteristics by portraying a specific bird that is closer to their character.


Dove Tattoo
92. The Flying Messenger of Love
Swallow Tattoo
93. Small Swallow Tattoo
Bat Tattoo
94. Bat Spider Web Wings

95. Origami Bird Tattoo

96. Crow Tattoo

97. Angry Owl

Dagger/Sword Tattoo

People wear Sword or Dagger tattoos in order to represent power and authority along with honor and freedom. Getting a sword tattoo would express the warrior inside you and help you to get stronger and fight for what you want to achieve.

Sword Tattoo
98. Sword Tattoo

Chinese word Tattoo

Just like the Japanese word tattoo? you can also go for Chinese words as well. Check out this sample that we have attached. 美丽的 means ‘Beauty’

Chinese Tattoo
99. Chinese Word  with Butterfly Tattoo

Cover-up Tattoos

Now, if you want to go for a tattoo that covers up the entire area behind your ear, we have options for that too! Check out some of the covered-up tattoos that we have only chosen for you!

Crow ear tattoo
100. Angry Crow Ear Tattoo
Daisy Tattoos
101. A Covered Up Daisy
Rose Tattoo
102. A Covered Up Rose Tattoo
Moth Tattoo
103. Covered Up Moth Tattoo


Octopus Tattoo
104. Happy Octopus 

Final Thoughts

It does not matter whether you are searching for tattoos for men or for women, We have very little space behind our ears to do the tattoo. So, if you are looking for getting a tattoo there, we would prefer to go for miniature tattoos. But Large and bold tattoos can be inked there as well, as it is completely depends on the person who is getting the tattoo.

However, You need to be careful about the aftercare of any tattoo to avoid any kind of infection. You should always keep that area clean. Also, confirm the fact that your tattoo is covered by a bandage and a thin layer of petroleum jelly by your artist. Later after every wash, make sure you apply moisturizer to keep moist. And most important of all, never forget to apply sunscreen on your tattoo whenever you go outside. This will help you to enhance the longevity of your tattoo, as the skin is thin there and unable to hold the ink for longer than any other placements. We recommend using SPF-45 or more than that.



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