AK47 Tattoo: Meaning & Amazing Design Ideas

The gas-operated assault rifle known as the AK-47, or Avtomat Kalashnikova, is generally regarded as the deadliest weapon ever created. In terms of sheer numbers, its death toll even exceeds nuclear weapons. AK47 is a famous and powerful weapon in the military sector. But in people’s minds, this weapon took place as a symbol of beauty with aggression and power. That’s why a lot of people loves to make AK 47 tattoo on their body and it is getting famous day by day.

Some people customize it more to express something different. Here in this article, we will talk about some cool ideas about the AK47 tattoo which you can also make, and also, we will talk about the meaning of the AK47 tattoo. Try to read the article till the end.

AK47 tattoo meaning

There is a lot of symbolism behind the AK-47 tattoo. The AK-47 is an effective weapon. Thus, the tattoo may stand for power and strength. It may also stand for loyalty to the country or military duty. Additionally, the AK47 is frequently utilized in gang culture, therefore having the tattoo could denote gang affiliation. The AK-47 can represent strength, power, and military or nationalistic service.

It also has a strong gang culture, which might indicate gang membership. The rifle’s aesthetic appeal is increased by the fact that it resembles a genuine machine on a person’s skin.

Here are some of the ideas for AK47 tattoos which you can also make,

  1. AK47 tattoo on finger

Many people decide to position the firearms in the shape of a heart to represent their rage, their indignation, and their sense of inner strength. Here we can see an AK47 drawn on a finger. This tattoo is very simple and not that much creativity is needed while drawing this type of simple tattoo. Like this one where only black color is used.

AK47 tattoo on finger


2. AK47 tattoo on arm

Here we can see a nice work of art made on hand which is eye catchy. An AK47 is drawn on an arm where there is a simple color combination, and it looks good on hand. Some fire arts are drawn just up to the weapon which means the gun is on fire.

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3. AK47 rose tattoo

Now, this piece of art is fantastic. With a good combination of colors, an AK47 is made on the leg and there is a rose watermark on the gun. This tattoo is customized, and you can put more detail here in your way. This tattoo symbolizes the beauty of the weapon as it could be as beautiful as a rose but enough aggressive when needed.



4. Small AK47 tattoo

A small AK47 tattoo is drawn on a side of the belly. It has multiple color variations. You can also make small tattoos of AK47 wherever you want on your body. This one is also a good idea, and you can put more detail if you want.



5. AK 47 tattoo on hand

It’s a good and cute tattoo on the hand where the black and the red color combination is used. It’s small but the place it is created is eye catchy. You can also draw these types of tattoo designs on your hand.



6. Traditional AK47 Tattoo

Fantastic art has been drawn on hand. We can see this here an Ak47 gun on fire which is drawn realistically. Also, there is a skull just beside the weapon. You can make this type of tattoo surely with the help of a professional hand, not a rookie.



7. AK47 tattoo on Neck

An Ak47 tattoo is made on the neck here. You can see a baby angel holding an Ak47 and firing on the target. The tattoo is eye catchy in the right place. You can also make these kinds of stuff. It would be awesome if you put multiple color variations on it.



8. AK47 Tattoo on Back

An Ak47 tattoo here is drawn perfectly. The art is good, and the tattoo is made in a good way. The design is realistic and the place where it is made is good. It may hide due to your shirt, but it’s okay wearing any shirt.

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9. AK47 Tattoo on Chest

Here we can see two baby angles holding an Ak47 and pointing it at each other. There is another word tattoo in the middle, written ‘Blessed’. It’s a custom-made tattoo and you can make this kind of tattoo just by contacting your artist and sharing as much information as you can.



10. AK47 tattoo on the leg

It’s a cute little tattoo of a baby angel holding an AK47 gun and pointing it at someone. It’s a kind of funny tattoo but looks charming. You can draw something else like any cartoon character or Skull with AK47.



11. AK47 tattoo Beside the ear

Here we can see a beautiful tattoo of an AK47 drawn just beside the ear. Not that much color combination is added here but it looks good if your skin tone is bright. We can see another tattoo of Jesus Christ drawn on the other side of the ear which is very realistic. You can customize these tattoos in your way if you want.




Both men and women select these patterns for various reasons. Some people obtain them to identify with their symbolic meaning, while others could do so for purely private motives. Some people might simply choose to wear it because they like the way it looks.

In this article, we talked about 13 different types of AK47 tattoos that you can make on your body. Such a perspective views firearms as connotative ciphers that elicit themes such as protection, danger, safety, identity, race, gender, class, erotica, oppression, or repulsion, as well as denotative beings formed of real mass and that draw real blood.

These types of tattoos are getting famous day by day you can also make them like this. Try to share the article with your friends if he or she can have some good ideas also.

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