Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Reviews

5 Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Reviews to Reduce Tattoo Pain

Numbing creams are very important for the new tattoo. There are a few places in our body like ribs and feet where we feel a lot of pain. They reduce the tattoo pain and you can get a tattoo with minimal pain. To know more about different best numbing creams, keep reading this article.

Effectiveness Of Tattoo Numbing Creams

Nerve Weakeners
The numbing lotion holy grail is lidocaine. The nerves cannot detect or record pain when lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic. Even if the nerve does experience some pain, it is muted and manifests as a large amount of discomfort.

It is important to note that Lidocaine does not penetrate the skin; instead, it remains on the skin's surface. As a result, it will not be useful when the needle punctures the skin during the tattoo session. Yet, it significantly lowers pain levels and makes them more tolerable.

Nerve Congestion
Your nerves will perceive some levels of pain, but not all levels of pain, thanks to chemicals like nerve blockers. Nevertheless, nerve blockers don't accomplish much on their own, so they require the help of Lidocaine to effectively numb the pain and guarantee you a minimally uncomfortable encounter.

Bleeding Control
Epinephrine, a difficult-to-pronounce component, is arguably even more crucial for a numbing cream than Lidocaine. The numbing cream lasts a lot longer since epinephrine makes sure the blood vessels constrict where the cream is administered. Also, it lessens possible bleeding and scarring both during and after the tattoo procedure.

Ebanel Liposomal Numb520

It is one of the best numbing sprays from Ebanel Laboratories. It is a liquid product that is easy to use. Its packaging is straightforward and neat. You can find a bottle with 1.35 Oz or 38 g. It will be effective when you get a tattoo of any pain-prone place like a foot or rib tattoo.


  • Ingredients– Lidocaine 5%, Aloe vera, Vitamin E
  • Specific Usage– Helps relieve pain
  • Benefits– works as muscle therapy


  • Fast-acting cream usable before the session
  • Long-lasting numbing cream
  • Childproof packaging
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Odor-free and non-greasy cream
  • Easy Application


  • Possibilities of getting rashes
  • Not applicable on sensitive skin
  • Not applicable for internal skin


It works really well when you use it correctly as guided. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a child, you should avoid using this cream. It does not numb the baby’s skin. This numbing cream is good to go for 2.5 hours tattooing session. It does not cause any discoloration, irritation, or other effects.

InKorporated Tattoo Numbing Cream


  • Weight– 10 oz or 30 ml
  • Ingredients-Lidocaine, vitamin E
  • Specific Usage– Pain Reliever


  • Applicable for microblading
  • Childproof container
  • Quick relief from pain
  • Effectiveness within 25 minutes


  • Not applicable for internal skin
  • Not applicable if you are pregnant


Few customers experience a numbing period of around 4 hours which represents that it is long-lasting. You need to soak the cream inside the skin properly and then it will work more effectively. Users can enjoy the tattoo experience without cringing every now and relief from the unbearable pain.

Ink Scribed Numbing Cream

The numbing cream is produced from Ink Scribed. It is effective for small tattoo designs. It increases your chances to survive the procedure with less pain. Not only tattoo pain reliever but also piercing, and waxing pain reliever.


  • Ingredients– Lidocaine, Emu oil, Arnica
  • Weight– 1 FL oz or 30 ml tube
  • Age Range– suitable for kids


  • Having the most pain-killing power
  • Long lasting at least 2 hours
  • Quick absorption within 15-20 minutes
  • Heal the skin faster
  • Non-greasy


  • Not 100% pain-free
  • Not applicable on lips
  • Smaller tube


The numbing cream worked really well when you put a thick layer on your skin. Few people like it because it is not oily and smells really good. It is applicable to sensitive skin. It is really effective during waxing. Few people think of it as garbage because it causes pain. But it is normal to get a little pain.

Dr. Numb Cream

It is a topical anesthetic numbing cream produced by Dr. Numb. It is suitable for discomfort, itching, and soreness. The tube comes in 30g amount. you can use it on your whole body. It works well on the tattoos which the users review.


  • Ingredients– Lidocaine 5%, vitamin E, Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer 934, Lecithin (Soybean), Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, & Water.
  • Specific Usage– Pain reliever
  • Benefits– Benefitted from hypoallergenic


  • Good for all types of skins
  • Non-oily
  • Fast absorbing
  • Long-lasting on the skin
  • Have a child resistance cap


  • Do not numb fully
  • Tiny tube
  • Not applicable for internal areas


You have to put more than 1 layer on the skin and then it will work effectively. You can get numbing effects for up to 20 minutes. You are recommended to use plastic wrap while applying the cream. It works great on the scalp. Its pH level is similar to tears.

Uber Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream

It is a cream form among numbing creams from UberScientific. It is specially made for adults. It uses its maximum painkiller power to reduce the pain during getting a tattoo. The product is made in the USA and provided in a 2.0 oz container.


  • Ingredients-5% lidocaine, vitamin E
  • Specific Usage– Suitable For pain relief & inflammation
  • Benefits-Provide hydration & a soothing feel


  • Fast absorption
  • Last at least 1 hour
  • Odor-free
  • Have a child resistance cap
  • 100% vegan
  • Applicable for internal areas


  • Not usable on genitals
  • Suitable for small and quick tattoos


I hope you have gathered enough knowledge about numbing creams. Now you can choose any product according to your need from different numbing products. I wish you good luck with your new tattoo and painless service from the tattoo shop.

How to Use Tattoo Numbing Cream?

step 1

Rinse The Area

Before applying the numbing lotion, you should rinse and cleanse the desired area of the skin. Making it simpler for your skin to completely absorb the numbing cream, should remove any dust and oil from the area.

step 2

Wear a Pair of Waterproof Gloves

Your hands and fingertips won't become numb from the tattoo numbing cream if you use latex gloves that completely keep out water and moisture. Nobody desires that.

step 3

Apply The Cream

The tattoo artist must apply the according to the instruction given.


Use Plastic Wrap To Cover

The heat produced by the plastic wrap helps activate the cream, hastening the numbing process even though not all creams ask or demand that the region be wrapped. Medical tape can be used to secure the plastic covering.

step 5

Take Out The Wrap

For around 30-45 minutes, keep the plastic wrap on the affected area until you can feel the numbing effect take effect. The wrap can be taken off once completely numb. After the operation, thoroughly wash the area to get rid of any remaining cream.

Buying Guides



When any numbing cream has 5% lidocaine, it can reach to their maximum strength. If you want to do any small designs, you do not have to think a lot about numbing cream strength. If you want to do any complex designs, numbing cream must be affect your tattoo skin for the long time. So, it is better not to choose 4% lidocaine based numbing cream.



An anesthetic cream with multiple uses is appropriate for tattooing, general aches and pains, cosmetic treatments, and medical conditions. They frequently cost less money and provide good value.

Think about the fact that tattoo numbing cream is made expressly for the task at hand before you quickly add them to your order. It frequently contains specific substances to help with tattoo healing. The formulation of the cream will also not impair ink settling and retention.

Are you seeking for a more affordable choice? Then have a look at one of these multi-purpose numbing creams.



For 1-2 hours, some tattoo numbing treatments will make the area numb. Some, on the other hand, can provide pain relief for up to 4-6 hours without reapplication.

Make sure you understand how long the session will last by speaking with your artist. This is important because you want to get a tattoo numbing cream that will work throughout the entire procedure.

While evaluating effectiveness, take into account how long it will take the tattoo numbing cream to start working. Calculate your travel time from home to the studio in advance. Then determine the ideal time to apply the anesthetic cream so that it is at its most effective when you take your position in the hot seat.

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