Do you get confused among the many numbing sprays? If yes, the article is for you. We have presented 5 numbing tattoo sprays which are mostly used by professionals. We have explained the benefits and opinions of the users so that you can make a decision.

The main motto of numbing sprays is to reduce the pain during the session. The tattoo artist better understands which can work well. Because everyone does not have the same skin. If you have knowledge also, they can not deceive you. To know more, keep reading this article.

1.Ebanel Liposomal Numb520 Spray

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It is one of the best numbing sprays from Ebanel Laboratories. It is a liquid product that is easy to use. Its packaging is straightforward and neat. You can find a bottle with 2.4 Oz or 72 ml. It will be effective when you get a tattoo of any pain-prone place like a foot or rib tattoo.


Quality– It is a high-quality product in a 2.4 oz bottle.

Ingredients– 5% Lidocaine & 0.25% Phenylephrine HCl

Specific Usage- For pain relief & anti-inflammation

Shelf life- The product provides 2 years shelf line. We suggest you store it in a cool place.


  • Fast-acting spray on the skin
  • Sooth and protect the skin
  • Odor-free water-based solution
  • Long-lasting on the skin for around 1 hour


  • Not applicable for home stitches
  • Not applicable for internal use

User Reviews

An honest opinion from one user was before using on the broken skin, you should make sure your broken skin area is clean. As it is not a sterile product, you can not use it on an open wound. The numbing spray numbs the skin effectively. It is good for at least three medium tattoos. It is also effective to use it on the scalp as it is not greasy.

2. Uber Numb Spray

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It is a spray form among numbing sprays from UberScientific. It is specially made for adults. It uses its maximum painkiller power to reduce the pain during getting a tattoo. The product is made in the USA and provided in a 4.0 oz bottle.


Ingredients-5% lidocaine

Specific Usage– Suitable For Hemorrhoid

Age Range-Adult


  • Work faster inside the skin
  • Last Longer approximately 2 hours
  • Non-greasy
  • Absorb easily


  • Last relief only for 24 hours
  • Not 100% pain-free
  • Not for internal use

User Reviews

The product does not take the pain away fully. It is not acidic and that is why it does not burn the skin. The spray is absolutely effective for your neck also. The product is good for small and quick tattoos. There is a controversy that citric acid is contained an inactive ingredient.

3. Ink Scribed Pain Relief  Tattoo Numbing Spray

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The numbing spray is produced from Ink Scribed. It is effective for small tattoo designs. It increases your chances to survive the procedure with less pain. Not only tattoo pain reliever but also piercing, and waxing pain reliever. It comes in a 1-ounce bottle.


Ingredients-Aerosol, Lidocaine

Specific Usage– Suitable for Hemorrhoid, Eczema


  • Work for itchiness and discomfort
  • Give relief within 15 minutes
  • Soothe the skin to satisfy you
  • Applicable for internal use


  • Not applicable to eyes and nose.

User Reviews

Clients can use it in different parts of the body even inside the lips. It can reduce the pain on any surface of the skin. Before applying instructions must be followed and according to apply.

4. Americaine Hospital Formula

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Americaine hospital formula is an ordinary type of spray among other numbing sprays. It is considered a topical anesthetic spray. It works for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and sunburn. It comes in a 2 ounce bottle. Americaine company produces this spray. It is less good for getting a tattoo.  In the USA, it is the FSA/HSA eligible item.


Ingredients– Benzocaine

Age Range– suitable for adults and children( 2 years old or older)

Quality-The product is mildly good for the skin


  • Good for pain reduction
  • Cure for the itchiness
  • Safe for adults and children
  • Heal quickly


  • Not strong enough as a numbing spray
  • Not applicable for internal body
  • Sting sometimes

User Reviews

The product is not recommended by all tattoo artists because it is considered an old fashion painkiller by many clients. It is partially effective for sunburn and minor cuts. It numbs the area lightly. So, the session will not be pain-free.

5.GiGi Pre Hon

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If you get a tattoo on your face, you can use it. It is specially made for the face. The spray is exclusively from GiGi. It works the best for hair waxing. The packaging is neat and simple. The bottle contains an 8 oz amount of liquid. The product is good at cleansing.


Ingredients– Honey, GiGi oil, water, propylene glycol, etc.

Specific Usage– Cures redness and pores

Shelf life– more than 6 months


  • Prepare the skin for smooth waxing
  • Eliminate dead skins
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Convenient for traveling
  • 100% cruelty-free


  • Not a good product for tattoo
  • Merely a hair removal spray
  • No numbing effect

User Reviews

It is the best for soft wax. If you searching for a numbing spray for getting a tattoo, you should avoid it. It is not related to the tattoo numbing spray. Rather, it works well for waxing and hair removal.

We have presented the best 5 numbing sprays for you. Now you have acknowledged this after reading the article. You can take a decision by considering the pros and cons. We wish you good luck in getting a tattoo in the future.

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