Can You Fly With A New Tattoo

Can You Fly With A New Tattoo?

After getting a new tattoo you can fly or travel to any place but it would be too risky as your tattoo is in its most fragile situation. Excessive bleeding, potential Ink leaking, and so many side effects can have during the flight.

Flying with a tattoo would not be uncomfortable unless it’s on your a$$ and upper back around the shoulder. It will make you bother and discomfort even 30 min flights can feel like an eternity.

The most important thing you need to acknowledge when you are flying with a new tattoo is how dry the air in a plane is. Maybe you have noticed that after a flight your skin feels dehydrated and dry. You can apply it to moisturize the skin but not on the tattoo. For the fast few days, the tattoo is an open wound that needs to heal so until that happens you cannot apply any kind of lotion or moisturize on it. In that case, you can bandage your tattoo or wrap it so that you won’t get infected.

If you have an important flight scheduled after getting a tattoo at least try to allow a 24-hour claiming before your window seat. It will give you some realization if you have some side effects so that you can get the treatment before your flight.

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You can suddenly have some unexpected reactions like allergic, bleeding, hurting, rushing, and so on.

It can be hurtful to experience something like that during the flight. To avoid that we would suggest you wait some days like 5-7 days so that your tattoo can close and heal properly. Also, you will have enough time to observe if your tattoo is healing without any issues like bleeding, or allergic.

If you have to fly right away after the tattoo then you need some things to do:

1. You need to stay hydrated
2. Have to wear loose clothes
3. Need to clean the tattoo properly
4. Have to bandage or wrapped your tattoo
5. Avoid direct sunlight exposure
6. Don’t touch if the skin itches…

Places where you can’t have tattoos!

You can have tattoos in many places but places like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand can have some issues because of their culture, and religion. so do research before traveling with tattoos. Moreover, in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran tattoos are illegal due to sharia law. So foreigners have to cover their tattoos all the time publicly if they want to visit that country otherwise could face punishment or a fine.

To avoid this kind of trouble, things you can do is:

Get yourself educated and respect their country’s culture and religion. Ignoring the law can only create problems.
Cover your tattoo fully while in public, and make sure not to make an impact on your tattoo.
So before you get a tattoo do some research on the design and whether it is deemed offensive and disrespectful to any other country or people.

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Final Reflection :

You can fly with a new tattoo if that’s an emergency but keep in mind to follow the point that was given up here and make sure to visit a tattoo specialist before your flight if possible.

Moreover, it may seem farcical but some countries take tattoos very seriously. As travelers, foreigners, and tourists we are supposed to respect their laws and tradition. so we should keep that in mind too.

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