Best Place to Have a Sleeve Tattoo

Best Place to Have a Sleeve Tattoo

Do you want to have a sleeve tattoo? Well, you are on the right site. We are here to tell you all about sleeve tattoos and the best places to get these tattoos.

What Is a Sleeve Tattoo?

A sleeve tattoo means a  tattoo that will cover the entire arm of a person. Now, there can be one tattoo that will cover the entire surface of the arm, or it can be a collection of many small tattoos. However, sleeve tattoos and full arm tattoos are two different types of tattoos. A sleeve tattoo will follow a common theme or pattern. On the other hand, a full arm tattoo does not follow the same pattern all over your hand. It can be a combination of different small tattoo designs. Now, this does not only refer to a tattoo that covers the entire arm, it also means a tattoo that covers a person’s entire leg.

Famous Body Part for Having a Sleeve Tattoo

 It is said that you should have your first sleeve tattoo on your arm as it is less painful. Also, you can hide your tattoo if you want. Moreover, Sleeve tattoos are extremely popular on hand in comparison to other body parts. Most people get these kinds of tattoos on the outer area of their arms if they want to show their tattoo. Furthermore, if you are having an arm sleeve tattoo, you can have a variety of designs as it is easier to do designs on your arm than on any other part. 

  Now, there is no such rule that you must have it on your arm. As I said before, you can have these tattoos on your legs as well. It is completely up to your choice. Also, a lot of people think that only men can have these tattoos but in reality, this is not the case. These tattoos are unisex. And anyone can have these at any part of their body.

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Where Should You Have Your First Sleeve Tattoo?

Now, before having this conversation, we must keep some things in our minds. First, we are just suggesting some places according to some people who have previously done sleeve tattoos and they are satisfied with these tattoo parlors. Second, you must do your own research. Also, do research that whether the tattoo artist has any experience or not. Choose a tattoo parlor according to your budget. Also, please choose a safe tattoo parlor because cheap places don’t always maintain safety. 

These are just some suggestions of famous tattoo parlors. But again, it does not mean that you must go to these parlors. You must do your research about the parlor. 

  1. Allegory – Florence, Alabama.
  2. Ultra Violence – Anchorage, Alaska.
  3. Fun City, NYC 
  4. Smith Street Tattoo, Brooklyn

Also, things you must remember that you should do choose your design earlier. As sleeve tattoo covers a large amount of area, you must choose your design carefully. If needed, seat with your artist earlier and discuss everything. Lastly, choose your artist wisely.

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