Ink Over Black Tattoo

Can I Use Ink Over Black Tattoo To Make It Colorful

Coloring over black tattoos has become a new trend. Nowadays, most people colored their black tattoos to make them look attractive. Though this thing is a bit complicated and it costs expensive. But yes, you can color over the black tattoo.

Usually, people get black and grey color tattoos, but after getting them done, some people regret it and want to transform them into colorful tattoos.

What kind of ink can I use over the black tattoo to make it colorful?

If you have a black tattoo and don’t like it now, and you want it to be covered with colorful ink, then you can use light and bright colors like brown, red, etc. That could help you to cover the black ink. Moreover, most people add white ink that makes the tattoo look attractive and shining.

White ink over black tattoo

In this process, the artists primarily blackout the whole tattoo by covering it in heavy layers of black. And then, white ink is used to provide an imaginary and decorative accent on top of the black tattoo.

Also, white ink is used to create 3d imagination over the black tattoo

What kind of color should I put over the black tattoo to cover it?

You can add different colors over the black tattoo to cover it or for design. Here are some colors that you can add over black ink:

  • Maroon Red
  • Burgundy Red
  • Cherry Red
  • Ruby Red
  • Oxford Blue
  • Resolution Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Golf Green
  • Jungle Green
  • Lake Green
  • Plum Purple
  • Sangria Purple
  • Jam Purple and so on…
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Colour tattoo over dark skin tone

Skin tone doesn’t matter when getting a tattoo. A tattoo over dark skin looks more beautiful and eye-catching. Though most people with a dark skin tone like to get a white ink tattoo, black and grey ink tattoos make it look gorgeous. The only thing that you have to do is you need to know what color ink is best for you to look fabulous.

Here are some colors that look fabulous on dark skin

  • Crimson red
  • Dark navy and blue
  • White tattoo ink
  • Deep purples
  • Forest green

Cost for coloring over a black tattoo?

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, you must know that getting a tattoo is expensive. However, the cost depends on the tattoo size and design. Besides that, if you already have a black tattoo and now want to put color over it to cover it or look beautiful, it must have cost double. All this thing depends on the size and design. Also, the most important thing is how many colors you want to add over the black tattoo. If the number of colors increases, then the price of the tattoo will also increase. It also depends on where on your body you want to get the coloring tattoo. Because in the sensitive area, getting a colorful tattoo is more painful than other body parts. That’s why it costs more than usual.

Timing for putting colorful ink over black tattoo

It must take time to get done if you already get a black tattoo and want to cover it with a colorful ink tattoo. Because the tattoo artist has to fully blackout your first tattoo, slowly and carefully add color ink over the black-designed tattoo. Though it also depends on the size of the tattoo and design, it will take 4 to 5 hours for an experienced tattoo artist.

After getting a colorful tattoo over a black one, there is a problem that usually happens with people: Tattoo Fading.

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What is tattoo fading?

Tattoo fading means after some years of getting a colorful tattoo, the tattoo’s color will dry, and the colors will gradually come off. It typically depends on the dyes, pigments, skin types, the environment, the artist’s skill, and the amount of care.

Here are some reasons for colorful tattoo fading

Places where you get the tattoo – if you already had a black tattoo on your moveable areas and now you want to add color over the moveable areas like your palms and fingers, then the color of the tattoo will quickly fade away as in this moving area the skin renewed more often for that the tattoo loses its color and also the purity of the picture tattoo.

Therefore, if you decide to get your colorful tattoo over your black tattoo on your moveable area, then be prepared for frequent corrections.

Another important thing you must keep in mind is your colorful tattoo cover-up. Most people do not use sun protection even when the tattoo is in its healing process; for that, the colors of the tattoo fade away as the sun’s heat significantly impacts the tattoo.

If your tattoo has already lost its colors and now you want to revive it, you need a professional artist who will be able to restore the pigments of the colored tattoo.

The most important thing to do when you want to get a colorful tattoo over a black one is to get a professional, skillful, experienced tattoo artist. How a colorful tattoo will look like, how you want it to get done, all these things matter on the artist’s suggestion. Read reviews, ask friends before connecting with the artist, and always be careful.

After getting colorful ink over a black tattoo, the aftercare also matters!

You should always clean the tattoo and keep it fresh and clean. Keep in touch with the artist. If you notice something unusual happening with your tattoo or body, immediately connect with a dermatologist.

Final Thought

You can color over a black tattoo when getting all the information above. Make sure to use this in the individual life that could be helpful for you.

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