Can Children Get Tattoo

Can Minor Aged Children Get A Tattoo In The USA?

The burning question in the USA is, “Can Minor Aged Children Get A Tattoo In the USA?” In the USA, getting a tattoo on the body has become the fashion for the generation. The adult who is 18+ can get the tattoo quickly. But noticing them, minor-aged children are getting attracted to tattoos, even influenced by celebrities’ tattoos. Should their parents allow them to get tattoos? Should they be concerned with the harmful effects of ink? You will get answers to all of these questions from this article.

Can Minor Aged Children Get A Tattoo In the USA?

Whether minor-aged children get tattoos or not depends on the rules and regulations of the states. Some states like Arkansas and California have strong rules for this. On the other hand, in some states like Florida, Hawaii has no specifications for getting tattoos.

State Regulations

In the United States, there is no established federal law regulating tattooing. The minimum age for getting tattoos varies from state to state. A few states do not allow getting a tattoo until children reach 18 years. From the federal information, California ensures that getting a tattoo when 18 years old and written consent and the presence of the parents. Arkansas has established a law that getting a tattoo below 18 years is unlawful and parents are unable to provide consent also.

On the other hand, a few states have no specific rules or regulations regarding getting tattoos. For instance, Florida state allows 16 years old children to get a tattoo but with the consent and presence of the parents. Hawai state has no age specification for children for getting tattoos, but parents’ written consent is needed for that.

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Latest News Regarding Minor Aged Tattooing

We have got the latest news that a 10 years boy got a tattoo and his mother was arrested. When a 10-year-old went to the nurse in need of vaseline for rubbing on his new tattoo ( His name with large block letters), she noticed it and called the cops. His tattoo artist, Austin Smith (20) was unlicensed and his mother, Crystal Thomas(33) was arrested. From the point of view of state regulations, it was unethical because he got the tattoo with his mother’s consent, but New York regulations do not support getting tattoos below 18 years old.

In Ohio, a woman named Nikki J. Dickinson posted a video. The video was about holding her 10-year-old son while he received an at-home tattoo that went viral in 2018. She remarked that she was convinced due to his son’s continuous requests. Though Ohio has no minimum age with parents’ consent, She was charged with endangering her child.

In North Carolina, an 11-year-old daughter tattooed a heart on her right shoulder with her mother’s consent. After it was published the mother was charged with child endangerment. according to a local news station. The daughter claimed that her mother asked her to do it.

A Georgia couple got a cross tattoo on their body and following that they portrayed similar tattoos to their six children’s bodies also. The mother was charged for getting tattoos on minor-aged children. She claimed that she was their mother and she could decide what she put on their children’s bodies. According to the court, The charges against the couple were dropped.

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Pediacian’s Thought

Dr. Cora Bruener, a pediatrician and professor at the University of Washington Medical Center’s Seattle Children’s Hospital, and author of guidance on tattoos for pediatricians, issued by the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine, finds it inappropriate. He remarked that it is a permanent mark or symbol on the body, but it is not a wise decision to put permanent effects below 18 years. The tattooing-related regulations should be revised.

We can conclude with the statement that before charging and arresting the parents, the cops should revise the state’s regulations regarding tattooing. Based on recent incidents, we can observe that when the claim went against state regulations, they were obliged to take off charges which were claimed towards parents.

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