Virgin Atlantic Allows to Show Body Ink!

UK Airlines Virginia Atlantic Permits Cabin Crew Tattoos to Be Displayed

We all are aware of how organized British people are, they are distinguished worldwide for self-control, etiquette, civility, and devotion to proper dress code. However, do you know? As time goes on the popularity of body art is rising drastically in the UK and the British people are die-hard fans of body ink. The UK is noted for having the greatest rate of tattooed persons in the world, with statistics showing that one in three people there has at least one tattoo.

For their airline employees, Great Britain has also begun to loosen the severe restrictions on body art. Pilots and flight attendants were previously prohibited from having visible tattoos. Whereas, Virgin Atlantic becomes the first UK airline to relax cabin crew displays their tattoos below the sleeve line.

A month after the launch of its branding campaign “Championing individuality”, in a press release on May 31, the company declared about the update of its policy. Before the move, airline personnel had to cover their tattoos with their uniforms or makeup.

The Chief People Officer of Virgin Atlantic, Estelle Hollingsworth, made a public statement in the release saying, this decision was taken to inspirit their crew. She commented, “Many people use tattoos to express their unique identities and our customer0facing and uniformed colleagues should not be excluded from doing so if they choose. That’s why, in line with our focus on inclusion and championing individuality, we’re relaxing out tattoo restrictions for all our people. We’re proud to be the airline that sees the world differently and allows our people to truly be themselves.”

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Virgin Atlantic Allows to Show Body Ink!

They posted of their tattooed employees’ photos in uniform on May 31 and also during International Flight Attendants Day on July 12, 2022, with the caption, “Today we’re championing the dazzling collection of individuals who are our wonderful cabin crew, we’ve always encouraged our people to be themselves, so from today, and they can now show their tattoos with pride.”
Along with permitting tattoos, they also let people of both genders wear nail paint and makeup.

Although the company advised not showing tattoos on the neck, face, or head until the next announcement. Tattoos that promote violence. Racism, nudity, or illegal substances are prohibited.
Before moving to Virginia Atlanta, a member of the cabin crew by the name of Josie Hopkins said she had to work with a covered tattoo because she felt she wasn’t allowed to be herself. When they had customers visiting London for the first time, Terry Nunn, a member of the crew, expressed his happiness by saying that he likes to share tips on the best places to visit in the city and that he is now open to showing his tattoos as well. Terry Nunn was sporting tattoos of famous London landmarks.

Virgin Atlantic Allows to Show Body Ink!

Virginia Atlantic has brought iconic changes before as well as proven an employee-oriented company. Until 2019, the female crew was forced to apply makeup on duty. Later, the company scrapped the rule allowing the to wear trousers if the crew choose. It is a significant shift in a field where female crew members are frequently educated in cosmetic applications in accordance with airline requirements.

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Aviation is one of the most rewarding careers that would increase one’s personal and career growth. In a time when many airlines across the world have stringent policies against tattoos, advise crew members to cover tattoos with makeup, conceal them under their uniforms, or even refuse to hire employees with ink, the British airline company Virginia Atlantic keeps bringing with significant changes.


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