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112 Best Parrot Tattoo Designs & Meaning

The parrot tattoo is one design that may attract your curiosity. Although the designs are not particularly trendy, the tattoo symbol remains in demand. Men and women alike have tattoos. Additionally, the parrot tattoo might be meaningful for the wearer. As with other animal tattoos, the parrot tattoo is symbolic of the parrot’s attributes and characteristics.

Parrot tattoos are under vintage tattoo designs and are frequently utilized in conjunction with the pirate motif. The parrot is often shown alone in parrot tattoo designs. The parrot’s attractiveness makes for an excellent method for a vibrant tattoo. We’ll examine the significance of parrot tattoos and then show you many tattoo designs. Finally, we hope you find inspiration and ideas for your future tattoo design.


Parrot tattoos allow the person to express their individuality and secretive side vividly. People from various civilizations hold these symbolic birds in high regard. Their symbolism is as varied as their feathers’ authentic color combinations. When a pirate is paired with a parrot, it represents adventure, speed, and youth. Additionally, it will symbolize an enthusiasm for pirate mythology. Additionally, the parrot tattoo is a stunning and robust design for individuals who wish to convey their passionate side or their capacity to find true love.

Moreover, this bird represents devotion, courting, love, wealth, abundance, fearlessness, and individuality. While the colors of these vibrant birds are as unique as human fingerprints, the symbolism behind these fantastic birds is fascinating and resonates with many tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo can represent human empathy, communication, liberty, and adventure.

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Parrot tattoos also symbolize:

  • Love
  • Commitments
  • Courtship
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Uniqueness
  • Boldness


Traditional Parrot Tattoos

Traditional Parrot Tattoos 2

Traditional Parrot Tattoos 1

This tattoo represents a higher level of comprehension, love, and caring, as well as ancient beliefs, spirituality, eternal life, wisdom, intelligence, strength, royalty, and honesty. It reflects the wearer’s character, which may be loyal, cultured, intelligent, or firm.


Parrot Flash Tattoo

Parrot Flash Tattoo 2


Parrot Flash Tattoo 1


Parrot Small tattoo

Parrot Small tattoo 2

Parrot Small tattoo 3

Parrot Small tattoo 1

This tattoo represents courage, strength, liberty, compassion, simplicity, allure, and intelligence. It reflects the wearer’s personality, which may be straightforward, forceful, and clever.


Black and White Tattoo

Black and White Parrot Tattoo 2

Black and White Parrot Tattoo 3

Black and White Parrot Tattoo 1


Adam Parrot back tattoo

Adam Parrot tattoo

Angry parrot

Angry parrot tattoo 5

Angry parrot tattoo 1

Angry parrot tattoo 2

Angry parrot tattoo 3

Angry parrot tattoo 4


Gray and Black Parrot’ Tattoo

Gray and Black Parrot Tattoo 2

Gray and Black Parrot Tattoo 1

This tattoo represents strength, determination, destiny, passion, rebellion, eternal life, wisdom, and intelligence. It reflects the wearer’s character, which may be decisive, strong, creative, or clever.


Parrot tattoo behind ear

Parrot tattoo behind ear 2

Parrot tattoo behind ear 1

It might be seen as a sign of gentleness, love, or any other positive emotion the wearer chooses to connect with. Taking proper care of behind the ear tattoo designs is critical because, unlike tattoos inked on different body regions, the patterns may take a long time to heal.


Blue parrot tattoo

Blue parrot tattoo 5

Blue parrot tattoo 1

Blue parrot tattoo 2

Blue parrot tattoo 3

Blue parrot tattoo 4

This tattoo represents compassion, liberty, loyalty, wealth, abundance, immortal life, and allure. It reflects the wearer’s character, which may be faithful, loving, and vibrant.


Big parrot tattoo

Big parrot tattoo



Cute parrot tattoo

Cute parrot tattoo 6

Cute parrot tattoo 7

Cute parrot tattoo 1

Cute parrot tattoo 2

Cute parrot tattoo 3

Cute parrot tattoo 4

Cute parrot tattoo 5

Parrot chest tattoo

Parrot chest tattoo 4

Parrot chest tattoo 1

Parrot chest tattoo 2

Parrot chest tattoo 3

chest tattoo

Parrot chest tattoo

Parrot claw tattoo

Parrot claw tattoo 2

Parrot claw tattoo 3

Parrot claw tattoo 4

Parrot claw tattoo 5

Parrot claw tattoo 1

The claw is a mystical emblem in Native American totem poles, indicating good fortune, strength, and mobility.

Color parrot hand tattoo

Colour parrot tattoo 2

Colour parrot tattoo 3

Colour parrot tattoo 1

This tattoo symbolizes compassion, enchantment, eternal life, wisdom, prosperity, love, loyalty, liberty, and wealth. It reflects the wearer’s personality, which may be cheerful, lovely, and self-sufficient.


Cartoon parrot tattoo

Cartoon parrot tattoo 2

Cartoon parrot tattoo 3

Cartoon parrot tattoo 1

Cartoon parrot tattoo 5

Cartoon parrot tattoo 4


Dead parrot tattoo

Dead parrot tattoo 2

Dead parrot tattoo 3

Dead parrot tattoo 4

Dead parrot tattoo 1

A dead parrot isn’t always a bad omen. Interestingly, they can also represent a rebirthing process. In Indian mythology and Christian art, dead birds symbolize a saved soul — a soul that has been saved from this world and will be rebirth, accessible, and robust.


Parrot feather tattoo

Parrot feather tattoo 2

Parrot feather tattoo 3

Parrot feather tattoo 4

Parrot feather tattoo 1

Feather tattoos represent a variety of traits found in birds, such as truth, courage, bravery, freedom, and the desire to explore new places. Feathers are seen as messengers from the spirit realm by several cultures. Feather tattoos are considered a kind of mystical protection in Native American culture.

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Green parrot tattoo

Green parrot tattoo 4

Green parrot tattoo 5

Green parrot tattoo 6

Green parrot tattoo 7

Green parrot tattoo 1

Green parrot tattoo 2

Green parrot tattoo 3

There will be an explanation of the benefits of using a green parrot picture on the wall of a business today in Vastu Shastra from Acharya Indu Prakash. In many cultures, parrots are seen as a symbol of love, faithfulness, long life, and good fortune. The parrot is also a good luck charm for business owners, according to folklore.


Parrot Grey color tattoo

Grey parrot tattoo 2

Grey parrot tattoo 3

Grey parrot tattoo 4

Grey parrot tattoo 5

Grey parrot tattoo 6

Grey parrot tattoo 7

Grey parrot tattoo 8

Grey parrot tattoo 1

African greys are pricey primarily because attaining one demands a great deal of time and money on the breeder’s part. Poaching has also impacted their population, making them rarer than the majority of parrots. Nonetheless, the rarity and general curiosity in African greys are sometimes cited as the primary cause.


Parrot head tattoo

Parrot head tattoo 3

Parrot head tattoo 4

Parrot head tattoo 5

Parrot head tattoo 6

Parrot head tattoo 1


Japanese parrot tattoo

Japanese parrot tattoo

Similar to modern religious tattoos, these tattoos began to display societal rank and serve as spiritual emblems. They were frequently employed as a form of protection charm as well as symbolizing devotion.


Parrot line tattoo

Parrot line tattoo 2

Parrot line tattoo 3

Parrot line tattoo 4

Parrot line tattoo 1


Parrot skull tattoo

Parrot skull tattoo 3

Parrot skull tattoo 1

Parrot skull tattoo 4

Parrot skull tattoo 2 To get this tattoo on one’s body is a sign of a variety of things: death, spirituality, desire, fate, disobedience, and the ability to shield oneself from harm. It depicts the character of the person wearing it, who may be courageous, self-reliant, and brave, and have faced and overcome adversity in the past.


Parrot skeleton tattoo

Parrot skeleton tattoo 1

Parrot skeleton tattoo 2

Parrot skeleton tattoo 3

Parrot skeleton tattoo 4

skeleton tattoo

Skeleton tattoos are a widespread sort of symbolism that can be found in both culture and tattoos. These tattoos can symbolize the positive and negative, good and evil, as well as life and death. Skulls, for the most part, signify some positive outcomes of the negative.


Parrot tattoo shoulder

Parrot tattoo shoulder 2

Parrot tattoo shoulder 3

Parrot tattoo shoulder 1

This tattoo represents strength, courage, aggression, bravery, eternal life, safety, prosperity, spirituality, and wisdom. It reflects the wearer’s personality, which may be angry, bold, and daring.


Red parrot tattoo

Red parrot tattoo 2

Red parrot tattoo 3

Red parrot tattoo 4

Red parrot tattoo 1

Tattoos like this one represent the emotions of love and passion and freedom, loyalty, beauty, prosperity and everlasting life.


Parrot tattoo on forearm

Parrot tattoo on forearm 2

Parrot tattoo on forearm 3

Parrot tattoo on forearm 4

Parrot tattoo on forearm 5

Parrot tattoo on forearm 6

Parrot tattoo on forearm 1

Macaw parrot color tattoo

Macaw parrot tattoo 2

Macaw parrot tattoo 3

Macaw parrot tattoo 1

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Final Thoughts:

One of the most attractive aspects of parrot tattoos is that they look excellent on both men and women, whether placed on the shoulder, arm, legs, chest, or behind. The colour scheme you choose for your design communicates a great deal about your ingenuity, bravery, and unique personality.

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