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12 Best Adam Levine Tattoos & Meaning Behind Them

Adam Levin is an American singer and writer born in Los Angeles. He had done many musical collaborations and had won many musical awards. Besides being famous for singing and writing, one thing that kept him prominent was his tattoos. Adam Levine has tattoos all over his body.

Some of his fans get inspiration from him to get tattoos on their body; in this article, we will show you some of Adam Levine’s best tattoos.

Adam Levine Tiger Tattoo

Adam Levine Tiger Tattoo

Adam Levine has a tiger tattoo on his forearm. Tigers are the symbol of pride, confidence, courage, and strength. Adam Levine once said in an interview that “My love of this amazing book of Tibetan drawings inspired this,”

Adam Levine’s Back Tattoo

Adam Levine’s Back Tattoo

Adam Levine has a back tattoo of a mermaid with a skull, and all of this was covered by a massive lotus with some birds around the lotus. In a way, it’s a mythological scene. This considerable tattoo was tattooed by tattoo artist Bryan Randolph in 2016. This unique tattoo has made Adam Levine’s back look more attractive.

Adam Levine’s California Tattoo

Adam Levine’s California tattoo

Adam Levine is from California, so in a way, he is known as a Cali boy. As a memory, he has a California tattoo on his stomach with dark black ink in capital words. He also has a Los Angeles name tattoo, as he was born and raised there.

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Adam Levine Hindi Tattoo

Adam Levine Hindi Tattoo

Adam Levine has a tattoo on his chest with some Hindi words in English, ‘Tapas’; he said it means ‘The Inner Fire’. This tattoo has a significant impact on his life. Anyone can say that easily.

Adam Levine’s Leg Tattoo

Adam Levine’s Leg Tattoo

Adam Levine has a substantial Japanese styles wave tattoo on his left leg that took 3 days to complete by tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko. The tattoo was inked from his upper thigh down to his ankle. He had gotten another tattoo on his other leg it took 2 days and 13 hours to complete by Bill Canales.

Adam Levine’s Arm Tattoo

Adam Levine’s Arm tattoo

Adam Levine has covered himself with lots of tattoos but of all the tattoos, his arm tattoo is the most attractive; he has a guitar design on his arm. As a singer, it suits him more.

Adam Levine’s Butterfly Tattoo

Adam Levine’s butterfly tattoo

In 2021, on 6 October Adam Levine got a neck tattoo, and it was a butterfly tattoo on a Spiderweb. It has fully covered his neck; on his Instagram, he posts a picture of this massive tattoo.

Adam Levine’s Hand Tattoo

Adam Levine hand tattoo

Adam Levine’s hands are beautifully covered by some unique tattoo designs. He has written ‘TRUE LOVE’ on his finger in black ink. He even got a rose, a knife, and a skull with a crown. These designs are beautiful portraits in his hand by a professional artist.

Adam Levine Rose Tattoo

Adam Levine Rose tattoo 1

Adam Levine Rose tattoo

Adam Levine has a Rose tattoo on his back neck. It was drawn beside his butterfly on a spider web tattoo. And both of these tattoos have matched uniquely.

Adam Levine Shark Tattoo

Adam Levine Shark tattoo

Adam Levine had this shark tattoo in 2013. In an interview that year, he said sharks had always fascinated him. He thinks they are the most fascinating creatures on the earth. That’s why he got that tattoo.

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Adam Levine’s Mom Tattoo

Adam Levine’s Mom Tattoo

Adam Levine got a ‘MOM’ inked tattoo on his right wrist for his mom’s approval; he added that she hates this tattoo less than others. 

Adam Levine’s Dove Tattoo

Adam Levine’s Dove Tattoo

Adam Levine got this tattoo at the age of 21. He said in an interview that “I was 21. It was five days after 9/11. I felt I needed to say something with this peaceful thing on my body,”

Adam Levine shares his passion and love through getting tattooed. He has more than 30 tattoos on his body. Many of his get inspired by his tattoo and try to get one of his tattoos. I hope this article will help you choose one of his tattoos to make you feel comfortable and look good.

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