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Top 25 Best Kraken Tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning

People love changes. When it comes to body modification or other fashion-related things, then it becomes the talk of the town. To do design over the body or some slight modification or do art on the body is a tattoo. So, the tattoo is basically a piece of art all over the body.

If you are into tattoo things then you obviously hear about the Kraken-based tattoo. People love to do this kind of design on their bodies.

There are many kinds of designs in this tattoo world. You just have to be sure which one can be suitable for you, your personality. Today’s article is all about the Kraken tattoo. So let’s get started to discuss the most fashionable tattoo design, the Kraken tattoo design.

  • Kraken Tattoo Meaning

The archetype of this design is so pompous as you dig the whole story. It actually started with Nordic folklore. It says that there were some goliath-type embodied souls which tended to eat the sailors. Some people said that they were so giant to look and their attacking style was outrageous. So, obviously, people found it an arguable issue to discuss. That’s how it became hyped. The mythical creature is like a drastic kind of thing, squid or octopus.

So, people find it powerful and tend to do the design all over the body to be part of fashion humor.

  • Kraken Spiritual Meaning

Everything has an individual meaning of its own. One is the spiritual meaning and the other is the actual meaning. We already have discussed some interesting facts about Kraken tattoos. Now, we are talking about the spiritual meaning of this Kraken design. We know that from mythology, Kraken is like an octopus creature. And, these creatures are cognizant of escapade from the cobweb. They are also known for adventuring the whole new body-changing thing.

The Kraken tattoo says the exuberance of resuscitation and recuperation.

There are different kinds of tattoo designs based on the mythological character, Kraken. You can add some other things to draw for creating a unique design of yours.

  • Kraken Leg Tattoo, Skull & Butterfly:

Kraken tattoo leg

Some find the body ink frightful as Kraken-based ink can be scary. You can ink on your leg in the shape of Kraken. Also, you can add some design with it. You can choose to put the ink on your body on your leg and this can be anywhere on your leg part.

  • Belial kraken Body Art:

To maintain the personality some want to put body ink all over the body. They choose a devilish kind of design with Kraken.

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Belial kraken body art

  • Kraken Forearm Tattoo:

Kraken tattoo forearm 1

Kraken tattoo forearm 2

When you go to the tattoo artist they will tell you the types of design you will like and what will suit you. Most artists suggest people do forearm art. This can be visual and eye-catching.

  • Tribal Kraken Body Ink:

Tribal Kraken body ink 2

Tribal Kraken body ink 1

Only Kraken’s drawing must be boring at the moment. But there are some tricks to make it interesting. You can use tribal patterns to use the Kraken drawing interesting.

  • Kraken Ship Hand Tattoo:

Kraken ship tattoo

Kraken ship tattoo 2

In mythology, Kraken used to sink ships as they had a superpower and attacking method. So this body art is about to sink a ship with the Kraken design.

  • Black Kraken Arm Tattoo:

Kraken tattoo arm

There are many places all over your body to draw a unique design. You can draw your desired Kraken tattoo design on your arm with different types.

  • Full Back Kraken and Ship:

Full back Kraken

Those who are into big things they will like the type of this design. It is as vast as your body is. This will cover the whole body with unique art. This makes your look elegant.

Sometimes, this design will be so big that it covers the whole body, including leg and arm, and chest. The more you think to draw the more it becomes a masterpiece.

  • Monster Kraken Side Body Art:

Monster Kraken body art

Monster Kraken body art 1

The most ordinary type of Kraken tattoo is a sea monster. The other Kraken pictures have some other focus on their art. But in this monster Kraken body ink, has the main focus.

  • Kraken Sleeve Tattoo:

This sketch can make your sleeve so fabulous. All you want is to choose the right design aside from your personality and put it down. Voila! You are into the most devilish thing.

Kraken Half Sleeve

kraken tattoo half sleeve

Kraken Full Sleeve Tattoo

kraken full sleeve tattoo

kraken full sleeve tattoo 3

kraken full sleeve tattoo 1

  • Kraken in Water Body Ink:

Kraken in water body ink

This design is classical mythology-based. You just have to draw Kraken with the sea adventuring moment. Also, you can symbolize the design.

  • Traditional Kraken Tattoo:

Traditional kraken tattoo 2

Traditional kraken tattoo 1

There are some features that are mandatory. These mandatory features meet up the design all over the body and it becomes the traditional tattoo.

  • Cartoon Kraken:

Cartoon Kraken 2

Cartoon Kraken 1

To get some ideas, you need to read some comic books. From the comic books, you can draw the eyes and tentacles the cartoon based and it will not look scary. Also, cartoon Kraken can bring your tattoo idea one more step ahead.

  • Kraken Tattoo Chest:

Kraken tattoo chest

Kraken tattoo chest 1

This category can be drawn on the chest of the body. Those who have no hair on the chest can easily do this. Also, if you want the tattoo badly on the chest, you can wax it. It also will smooth the area of the chest.

  • Kraken Diver Tattoo:

Kraken diver tattoo

The structure of this body ink is so interesting. But you have to choose the right artist for this structure. Otherwise, its outcome will not be good.

  • Kraken Eye Tattoo:

Kraken eye tattoo

There is a saying that, the eye is the most powerful organ to protect strength. This feature symbolizes you to the strongest person with a devilish mind.

  • Kraken Elbow Tattoo:


Kraken elbow tattoo

You have to put the body in on the elbow. It is a vast design to draw. So, the measurement of the structure should be justified.

  • Kraken Foot Tattoo:

Kraken foot tattoo

The unique sketch of the Kraken can be put on foot in a different way. This will look lavishly beautiful.

  • Japanese Kraken Tattoo:

Japanese kraken tattoo 2

Japanese kraken tattoo

That kind of tattoo is a local tattoo. The artist will choose the structure for the body and personality.

  • Kraken Compass Tattoo:

Kraken compass tattoo

Since mythology is all about the sea and the seaside monster, you can add some sea-related stuff. You can think up the whole features from a different angle. To put compass with Kraken will be more fun to art

  • Kraken Anchor Tattoo:

Kraken anchor tattoo 2

Kraken anchor tattoo

The features of the tattoo are unique. You can do the body art whatever you want to do. You just put anchor alongside the Kraken and Voila!  It is beautiful.

  • Small Kraken Tattoo:

Small Kraken tattoo 2

Small Kraken tattoo 1

The tattoo is small in size. Those who are inti minimal kind of thing, this must be for then. It’s small symbolism is so conscious-minded and also gives us happiness.

  • Kraken Color Tattoo:

Kraken tattoo color

Kraken tattoo color 2

When you put some colors in your life, then life will change. This goes for the line of the day, but it becomes the best thing whenever it comes to the tattoo. So, put color on the body ink and make innumerable changes.

  • Realistic Kraken Tattoo:

Realistic kraken tattoo

This tattoo design requires a good body ink artist. Only experts can do this otherwise there will create some problems.

  • Kraken Attacking Ship Tattoo:

Kraken attacking ship tattoo

Kraken attacking ship tattoo 2

The talk of the design is the Kraken attacking ship tattoo. It is quite scary, but the outcome will be great if the artist makes it possible to draw.

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