2 line work Sunburst Tattoo on upper forearm

Sunburst Tattoo: Meaning, Placement & Design Ideas

The interpretation of sunburst tattoos or sun tattoos goes to ancient times. It has varieties of meanings and symbols in different cultures. Sun is the source of light, heat, energy, and life and has been being worshipped throughout mankind’s entire civilization. It has different meanings in ancient China and Egypt, in Alchemy, Astrology, Christianity, Greek Mythology, Paganism, and Animal kingdom. For example, in Alchemy, the tattoo symbolizes spirit and intellect whereas in Greek Mythology the tattoos are related to optics and vision. The most common one is that the sun is the symbol of light and renewal and it represents cycle of light, but the meaning is open to interpretation to individual people. 

Sunburst Tattoo Meaning

As our existence depends on the sun, getting sun tattoos symbolizes the power and divinity of the sun also the virtues linked with sun-like Vitality, Potency, Force, Energy, Clarity, and Selfhood. Native Americans considered the sun to be their guardian with healing abilities. Geeks, Romans, and Egyptians worshiped the sun as their god. So, every civilization, culture, and society symbolizes the sun however they want, sometimes linked to how their ancestors used to.

Sunburst Tattoo Cost

The average cost of a small tattoo is around $50-$250 and a large tattoo is around $150-$450. Sunburst tattoos vary from small to medium to large. So, the cost of getting a sunburst tattoo depends on the size of the design, the place you’re living, the location of the tattoo on your body, complexity of the design, and also the experience of the artist. So, it can’t be said firmly how much the tattoo can cost. 

Best Places To Get Sunburst Tattoo On Your Body

Minimalist sun tattoo is less conspicuous, is very simple and subtle. They are best to get on elbow, thigh, and Achilles tendon. If someone is interested in more showy and more visible tattoos, they can get larger sun tattoos. Larger tattoos mean more details and more cost. They are best to get on the back and sidearm. There are also tiny sun tattoos if someone wants to be discreet about them. Someone can get them at any location of their body. They are too tiny to get noticed by anybody. They are done on mostly finger, toe, and wrist. Tribal sun tattoos are unique and auspicious to particular religious people. They are bold and unique with wave-like sun rays. Those tattoos are best to get on the shoulder and back. Celtic sun tattoos are popular among women. They are the symbolization of power. Black sun tattoos are mostly larger, and they are done on visible body parts. The black sun is related to sunset and first light and the change constantly. Geometric sun tattoos are mostly very large and unique and require a very skilled artist. They are associated with symmetry and balance and are also done on visible body parts. Sun and moon tattoos represent balance between two opposing forces. They can be intertwined or apart and visually aesthetic. They are best to do on the forearm.

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24 Amazing Sunburst Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. Dot Work Half Sunburst Tattoo on Wrist

Dot Work Sunburst Tattoo on Wrist

2. Half Sunburst Linework Tattoo on the Upper Forearm

linework Sunburst Tattoo on the upper forearm

3. Dot & linework Sunburst Design Tattoo on Elbow

dot & linework Sunburst Tattoo on elbow

4. Linework Sunburst Tattoo on Elbow

linework Sunburst Tattoo on Elbow

5. Amazing Sunburst with Flying Bird Tattoo in the Clouds on Arm

Amazing Sunburst Tattoo with Flying bird in the Clouds on Arm

6. Line Tattoo work Sunburst over Ocean

dot & fine line work Sunburst Tattoo over Ocean

6. Dot Work Sunburst with Tree Tattoo Design on Forearm

dot work Sunburst Tattoo with tree design on Forearm

7. Sunburst with Palm Tree Design Arm

Sunburst Tattoo with palm tree design arm

8. Sunburst with Skull Tattoo Design on Leg

Sunburst Tattoo with Skull design on Leg

9. Machine free Sunburst Tattoo on Thigh

Machine free Sunburst Tattoo on the thigh

10. Linework Sunburst Tattoo on Chest

linework Sunburst Tattoo on chest

11. Two Sunburst on Chest Tattoo

dot & linework Sunburst Tattoo on chest

12. Amazing Sunburst Shoulder Tattoo Design

amazing linework Sunburst Tattoo on shoulder

13. Fire Colorwork Sunburst Tattoo on Leg

fire colorwork Sunburst Tattoo on leg

14. Beautiful Sunburst Middle Chest Tattoo

Beautiful Sunburst Tattoo on Middle of the chest belly

15. Sunburst with Palm Tree  & Ship on Hand

Sunburst Tattoo with palm tree & Ship on hand

16. Sunburst Tattoo with Star on Belly

Sunburst Tattoo with Star on Belly

17. Sunburst Finger Tattoo

Sunburst finger Tattoo

18. Awesome Sunburst Leg Tattoo Design

Awesome Sunburst Tattoo design on leg

19. Ambience Sunburst Tattoo Design on Forearm

Ambience Sunburst Tattoo Design on Forearm

20. Sunburst with Dripping Jewels Design on Arm

Sunburst Tattoo with dripping Jewels design on arm

21. Superb Tattoo with the Angle of Water Design on Arm

Superb Sunburst Tattoo with the angle of water design on arm

22. Half Sunburst Tattoo with Mandala Design on Sleeve

Superb Sunburst Tattoo with Mandala design on half sleeve

23. Notable Sunburst Half Tattoo on the Middle of the Neck

Notable Sunburst Tattoo on the middle of the chest and neck

24. Sunburst Foot Tattoo

Sunburst Tattoo on foot

However, though sun tattoos are quite common types of tattoos to get, they can be considered offensive towards some nations like Korea as, during World War 2, the Imperial Japanese Army used rising sun flags and invaded many areas of Asia and occupied them. So, they render the tattoos to be offensive. It’s better to study the matter before getting it.

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Sunburst tattoos are very unique and aesthetic. They can range from simple to ones with very compelling details. Anybody can get them and have their own meaning associated with it.

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