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26 Exclusive Alligator Tattoo Designs For Masculine Men

“Alligator tattoos” hold an aggressive masculine impression because it visualizes stealth, agility, and strength. If you are a tough guy, you must be interested to do those tattoo designs. It can be chosen by both males and females. But they mainly focus on man because it represents masculine power, fearlessness, and dedication. It has a special appeal for different designs. We have collected some unique design ideas for colorful, cute, mini, and alligator skin tattoos.

Apart from that, Alligarate tattoos suit perfectly your body parts, just you have to draw designs according to the place of the body. To know more details about alligator tattoos, keep reading this article! We can guarantee you that you will be ended up creating one design of your own!

Traditional Alligator Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a traditional alligator with multiple colors. It has green shades body and yellow-shaded teeth. It looks amazing on your half arm.

Traditional alligator tattoo

Alligator Skull Tattoo

This alligator tattoo is black and white and shows an alligator skull. It will beautify your lower arm.

Alligator skull tattoo

Alligator Small Hand Tattoo

The small tattoo represents a mini alligator with fine line ink. It looks wonderful on your hand.

Small alligator tattoo

Cute Alligator Hand Tattoo

When you draw a cute alligator on your hand providing the message “see you later”, it will look unique.

Cute alligator tattoo

Floral Alligator Head Tattoo

The tattoo portrays an alligator’s head with multiple colorful hearts design. It looks like wearing a flower on his head.

Floral alligator head tattoo

Alligator Girl Head Tattoo

The tattoo seems that an alligator is eating a girl’s head. It is a pure black art and looks amazing on your belly.

Girl head alligator tattoo

Alligator Eye Tattoo

You can try out the alligator eye tattoo referring to a green-colored eyeball that looks very realistic.

Alligator eye tattoo

Detailed Alligator Skin Tattoo

You can design your skin with a grey-shaded alligator skin tattoo.

Detailed alligator skin tattoo

Alligator Back Tattoo

You can illustrate a beautifully detailed alligator design on your back.

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Alligator back tattoo

 Alligator And Tortoise Tattoo

The tattoo represents a scenario of a tortoise and an alligator fighting. As it is a colorful tattoo, you have to bear a little more aftercare cost.

Tortoise and alligator tattoo

Alligator Full Body Tattoo

The tattoo looks very gorgeous as it is a full-body tattoo. It illustrates an alligator lying under the girl sitting on the alligator. It will beautify your full back and hands.

Full body alligator tattoo

Alligator Forearm Tattoo

You can illustrate an angry alligator on your forearm with an alligator forearm tattoo.

Alligator forearm tattoo

Simple Alligator Tattoo

This colorful tattoo shows how family your neck can be designed. It represents an alligator floating on your neck.

Simple alligator tattoo

Tribal Alligator Tattoo

You can illustrate a tribal alligator on your belly. It holds detailed artwork which makes the tattoo amazing.

Alligator tribal tattoo

Alligator Skin Tattoo

An Alligator skin tattoo illustrates an alligator’s mouth on your skin. It looks like a skin print on your knee.

Alligator skin tattoo

Alligator Cartoon Tattoo

The Alligator cartoon tattoo represents a colorful alligator decorated with flowers on the head. It looks wonderful on your lower arm.

Alligator cartoon tattoo

Alligator Gar Tattoo

The alligator gar is considered a ray-finned euryhaline fish and it shows in the tattoo design. It also portrays a wider and distinct snout. It looks amazing on your arm.

Alligator gar tattoo

Minimalist Alligator Sun Tattoo

In this minimalist tattoo, a mini alligator is illustrated with black ink. At the top of the design, a sun is included which beautifies your tattoo.

Minimalist alligator tattoo

See You Later Alligator Tattoo

In this tattoo, the alligator’s head is represented colorfully. So, it looks vibrant. It includes a dialogue “See you later”. You have to take a little more care of this tattoo.

See you later alligator tattoo

American Alligator Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates an American alligator focusing on having an armored body with thick scales. It includes also a short powerful leg and a long round snout.

American alligator tattoo

Feminine Alligator Tattoo

From the tattoo name, we can guess that the feminine alligator tattoo is specially chosen by females. As girls prefer a simple design, this tattoo holds a mini design covering a girl’s rib.

Feminine alligator tattoo

Realistic Alligator Tattoo

The realistic alligator holds a strong representation of an alive view illustrating black and white snakeskin design and flowers. This tattoo is mainly preferred by Man.

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Realistic alligator tattoo

Alligator Arm Tattoo

In this tattoo design, the alligator is represented as a girl. She is wearing a frock and holding a lollipop. It looks beautiful on your half arm.

Alligator arm tattoo

Alligator Finger Tattoo

The alligator tattoo represents an alligator having upward-facing nostrils at the end. It will cover your finger area. As it is cute, it has some emotional appeals to get that tattoo done.

Alligator finger tattoo

Alligator Tiny Tattoo

The tattoo portrays an alligator wearing black sunglass. It provides a vibe of a macho man. It looks great on your leg.

Alligator tiny tattoo

Alligator Hand Tattoo

In this alligator hand tattoo, you can show a simple alligator design on your hand with black ink.

Alligator hand tattoo


  • What do Alligator tattoos symbolize?

Alligator tattoos symbolize power, strength, and the ability to take on challenges when they are represented with open mouths and large teeth. Alligators’ reptile skin symbolizes hidden powers. Some tattoos represent status and danger.

  • Which celebrities have alligator tattoos?

Bindi Irwin has gotten an alligator tattoo on her hand to celebrate a tribute to her daughter. Kane Hodder has an alligator tattoo on his body.

  • Why do an alligator different from a crocodile?

An alligator has a wider and U-shaped snout, on the other hand, a crocodile has a V-shaped snout. An alligator prefers freshwater, on the other hand, a crocodile prefers salty water.

  • Are alligators are aggressive?

Though crocodiles and alligators are similar physic, Alligators are less aggressive than crocodiles.

You must be amazed to notice our wonderful collection. In terms of power and strength, there is no alternative to alligator tattoos. You will know more about alligator characteristics and design-related information from the FAQ section. So, Do not skip reading the FAQ section and gather knowledge. Life is so small to satisfy yourself with beautifying yourself. What are you waiting for? Show off your patience, knowledge, and dreams through your specially made alligator tattoos.

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