Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews: Think Before You Buy

If you think the job of a tattoo artist is so simple, you are absolutely wrong. Before becoming a tattoo artist, you have to gather a lot of knowledge about tattoo designs and tattoo creams. Suppose, after getting a tattoo design, your client comes to remove the tattoo. What do you do in this situation? You should have proper knowledge about inkology tattoo removal cream.
Hi everyone! This is your tattoo specialist. Having a vast knowledge of tattoo products is not so easy. I have researched a lot to make my brain trained. Today I will enlighten your knowledge about tattoo removal cream, Inkology.
When I started my work with the tattoo, I had to visit different tattoo shops to know how they use the products and their effectiveness. I was shocked by the sides of the Inkology tattoo removal cream. It is such a product that we can not make the decision to buy it only with one/two opinions. I felt that it is a vast topic to discuss and made aware my audience also.
One of my acquaintances use this product and warned me to think of myself. Additionally, you should save your money and time rather than investing. Mostly because of the price, he bought the entire package of cream that was supplied. This cream is a fraud, as is the claimed effectiveness.
Using this has been a complete waste of a year. The tattoo looks exactly the same in every way. We’ve been in touch with the business to inquire about their 100% return guarantee. Zero reaction.
To be honest, I was not surprised because I knew about the consequences. They were providing fraud promise products with the promise of providing quality products. It is my responsibility to make you aware of that.
One of my closest friends had gotten a simple tattoo on her arm. After reaching home, he felt like he did not like the design and wanted to remove it. so, he started to use Inkology tattoo removal cream. His experience was quite different.

He saw some reviews are negative, but they only give it a month or two, it takes much longer than that! He has been using it for 8 months, once a day, and finally, 8 months after, his tat, is truly fading away. He provided suggestions that you must be patient and committed to spending the daily 10 seconds covering the tattoo.

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I want to share with you another experience with the tattoo shop artist. He explained that he have success with this cream. He also used a laser to remove my tattoos, but this cream was actually more effective. Tattoos that are blue and black in color react well to the laser treatment. For him, this cream worked on his yellow and red tattoos more quickly. Laser removal is more difficult with those colors. He was a bit surprised when the yellow tattoo vanished after a month.

As a tattoo expert, I always try to gather authentic information. I have known a different experience from another user. He had used inkology tattoo cream for more than 6 months. He did not get any results. Moreover, he claimed that the product is like gel. So, if the owner claims that it is a cream, he is doing fraud with the customers.
The complaint regarding Inkology company is that it does not show its negative comments. To attract customers, it only focuses on selected comments that show positivity. But it is wrong. They are not transparent with their customers.
I have acknowledged another positive review. According to the user that his experience with this cream was positive. This cream worked better than laser tattoo removal. In addition to black and blue tattoos, the laser works well on them. His yellow and red tattoos healed faster with this cream. Lasers are less effective at removing those colors. It was shocking to see the yellow tattoo disappear within a month. His tattoos will all be removed with it.
While buying the inkology tattoo cream online, you should be aware of its information. Such as, it is mentioned that it is designed by a 27-year-old Canadian Ph.D. student as their product. The truth is this product has not been approved for sale as it has not been through testing stages and the barcode does not exist. There is no manufacturing information that was authentic.
You should not be fooled by this product because it can only remove 5% of the whole tattoo.


  • Does Inkology tattoo removal cream really helpful?

Inkology Tattoo removal cream does work and does not cause skin reactions that damage the skin or tissue permanently. As an alternative to treatments, Inkology cream should be used. Plenty of reputable tattoo removal services exist that provide safe, effective treatments.
  • Is Inkology cream unsafe?

No, the cream will remove semi-permanent tattoos, and it is 100% safe to use on the face; it won’t hurt, burn, or damage hair follicles, we can confirm. Could inkology cause skin irritation? Inkology is allergy-friendly. Hydroquinone and acid are not present in the creams.

  • How long do you have to wait for Inkology to work?

A revolutionary cream is available from Inkology that is simple to apply and effective over time. Depending on the type of ink used and the size of the area to be covered, it takes at least 6 to 12 months. Since the cream deeply penetrates the dermis, it aids in the progressive natural disappearance of the ink.
  • Does Inkology Tattoo removal cream FDA  Approve?

According to the manufacturer, Inkology tattoo removal cream is an FDA-approved product that doesn’t use dangerous acids. According to their website, it is suitable for all skin types. Ointments & Creams: When browsing the FDA’s official website, I soon found this information. Ointments, lotions, and Handmade tattoo removal kits have not received FDA approval. These items could result in skin rashes, burns, or scars.

  • What Elements Used in Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream?

Phenoxyethanol is a chemical that is known to have a number of negative side effects, including damage to the central nervous system, harm to unborn children, and harm to pregnant women. It’s shocking given how these removal creams work that phenoxyethanol is thought to be particularly dangerous when used externally and absorbed into the skin.

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Overall, I really hope that I have made the topic interesting. Inkology tattoo removal cream has a mixed review. I can say that if you use this cream with patience, you may get results from usage. But the general opinion is this cream does not work at all. Moreover, I have provided the all information you should know. The decision is yours now!

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