Lightning Tattoo on Leg

27 Concepts of Lightning Bolt Tattoos

Putting on different kinds of tattoos on your body makes you take a different path in your fashion journey. When a tattoo itself has a meaning of sagacity and power then it will give you the strength to fight back. 

Lightning bolt tattoo has that kind of power to give you the strength, you can acquire whatever you want. 

Lightning Bolt Tattoos Meaning:

Every tattoo has different meanings and motives. The lightning bolt tattoo has some deep meaning too. It helps you to carry a resemblance of power and sagacity. Also, it helps you to improve your self-confidence as it is remembrance of the strongest situation. 

What does lightning bolt tattoos on arms mean:

If you have some questions regarding lightning bolt tattoos, then we are here for you. So, the first question has arrived what the meaning of this tattoo is. You will be surprised to know that it resembles the power, potency, and sagacity. 

Have you heard about Zeus? He was a character of Greek mythology. He was considered to be the idiosyncratic God of the Olympians. He used to use a lightning bolt as a missile. 

  • Lace fill in lightning bolt tattoos :

Lace fill in lightning bolt tattoo

This body art is so unique. It is created by the artist as it is filled with lace with the main design. It will help you to create a different look for your body and personality. But you find it hard to do. So, you should talk to the artist first before doing it. There is a link given, which is the idea of the lace design. 

  • Harry potter lightning bolt tattoo:
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Harry potter lightning bolt tattoos
  • Lightning strikes tattoos:

Lightning strikes tattoos

  • Lightning bolt and Cloud Tattoo:

Lightning bolt and Cloud Tattoo

  • Lightning Tattoo on Leg

Lightning Tattoo on Leg

  • Tampa bay lightning Hand tattoos:

Tampa bay lightning tattoos

  • Tampa bay lightning tattoos

Tampa bay lightning tattoos 1

  • Lightning bug tattoos:

Lightning bug tattoos

  • Grateful dead lightning tattoos:

lightning bolt tattoo

  • Thunder and lightning tattoos:

Thunder and lightning tattoos

  • Cool lightning tattoos:

Cool lightning tattoo

  • Lightning tribal tattoos:

Lightning tribal tattoos

  • Nazi lightning bolt cloud tattoos:

Nazi lightning bolt tattoo

  • Tattoos of lightning storms:

Tattoos of lightning storms

  • Yellow lightning bolt tattoo :

Yellow lightning bolt tattoo

  • Tornado tattoos with lightning :

Tornado tattoos with lightning

  • Zeus lightning tattoos:

Zeus lightning tattoo


Zeus was the character of Greek mythology. He used his weapon to fight and it was a lightning bolt. Though it all came from fiction but many people still believed it. They put on the tattoo on their body as a remembrance of Zeus.

  • Lightning tree tattoos for men:

Lightning tree tattoos for men

  • Double lightning bolt tattoos:

Double lightning bolt

  • Aries lightning bolt tattoo:

Aries lightning bolt tattoos

  • Lightning bolts and white wolf tattoo:

Lightning bolts and white wolf tattoos


Here is the idea of this design. You have to put some effort to draw a white wolf to give your tattoo another level. 

  • Lightning bolt arrows tattoo:

Lightning bolt arrows tattoos


  • Sparrow tattoo flying through lightning bolts:

Sparrow tattoos flying through


Here is the concept of the following topic design. You just have to add some lightning bolt drawing on your body with this flying sparrow tattoo design.

  • Blue lightning tattoo:

Blue lightning tattoo

  • Forearm cover up tattoo for men lightning bolt:

Forearm cover up tattoos

  • Lightning storm tattoo:

Lightning storm tattoo

  • Lightning star tattoo :

Lightning star tattoo


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