OTF Arm Tattoo

13 Amazing OTF Tattoo Ideas With Significant Meaning

OTF tattoo meaning may be confusing for many tattoo lovers. There are various types of acronyms of OTF. Among these, “Only The Family” and “Out There Flapping” are their two popular meanings.

OTF is the acronym of the collective record label and rapping group ‘Only The Family’, formed by Lil Durkin 2011. It means the deep dedication to one’s family, friend circle, or office team. Besides, it is the symbol of love for family. On the other hand, “Out there flapping” means being clueless. If you face such a situation, it may be best for you.

But why should one choose OTF tattoos? Is it really worth it? The main reason you must choose it is simplicity. Among various types of tattoos, it is the most simple in terms of design and looks. If you are a fan of simplicity, you must consider it. Besides, charming graphics are the main reason to consider it. But the exciting thing is, OTF tattoos are the most popular among girls. For boys, it’s a little bit tough to consider for you.

Though it is simple, its unique designs carry significant meanings. Considering various kinds of messages and deep meaning, here are top OTF tattoo ideas:

Money Bag OTF Tattoo:

This tattoo brings the message to society that you are a wealthy person. The OTF font with the money bag indicates that you are wealthy but prefer simplicity. But the interesting fact is, it also represents two faces of a person. Either that person is utilizing wealth to better the family or spending money in flapping activities.

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Money Bag OTF Tattoo

Wait just a minute! There is another tattoo related to it. But, be careful before using another one. This may represent you to society as a greedy one. However, let us see that.

Greedy OTF Tattoo:

Is money your only passion? Is earning a tremendous amount of money the main aim? Then, you may consider it. The entire design represents the hunger for money. But, think again! You may be represented as a bad one. The creepy face actually represents greed. When you look at that face, you can feel the attraction for money. But remember, the cage is also a warning sign. You may confine yourself if you fall into that trap!

Greedy OTF Tattoo

OTF Tattoo on Hand:

Currently, it has a high demand. As the hand is the most genuine part of our body, people refer to tattoos on the hand.

OTF Small Tattoo on Hand

Celtic OTF on Hand Tattoo:

With a Celtic sign, it has carried a unique meaning. If you are a religious person with a little bit of a warrior mind, this is best for you. Maintaining Simplicity has brought a resounding message to us.

OTF Tattoo on Hand

OTF Tattoo on Neck:

Different varieties are available. With different messages, they have added uniqueness to their lifestyle.

OTF Tattoo on Neck

Dynamic OTF Only the Family Tattoo on Neck: If you are so dynamic in real life, this is for you.

Dynamic OTF Tattoo on Neck

Red Heart OTF Tattoo: A simple one to express love. If you are charming, you may look at it.

Red Heart OTF Tattoo

Red OTF Logo Tattoo:

Actually, they are different in terms of looking but carrying similar and simple messages. They are carrying dynamic, aggression & simplicity to society.

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OTF Logo Tattoo

OTF Black White Logo Tattoo

OTF Black White Logo Tattoo

OTF Arm Tattoo

OTF Arm Tattoo

OTF Tattoo Font:

If you just prefer simplicity, you may consider these. These are known for unique font designs with unique messages.

OTF Tattoo Font

Bloody OTF Tattoo Font: Are you too creepy? Your creepiness can be expressed properly by this.

Bloody OTF Tattoo Font

“Love for Family” Version of OTF Tattoo Font: Love your family.

“Love for Family” Version of OTF Tattoo Font


What do you mean by “Lil Durk OTF tattoo”?

Lil Durk OTF tattoo means the tattoo that is personally used by celebrity Lil Durk. With many incidents and facts, he has a lot of tattoos.

Does an OTF tattoo hurt?

No, it is so simple that you can paint it without any pain.

What is the price of an OTF tattoo?

Starting with 9.99$, you can get it up to 999.99$ or more. It depends on size, shape, artist, and region.

Is OTF tattoo the most favorite for girls?

Yes, because of charming graphics.


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