Small Peacock Tattoo

29 Lovely Peacock Tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning For Ladies

Do you wish for some unique body change? Then stay with us with this article. we put here the most unique ideas of peacock tattoos that can help you to change your attire attractively. Peacock is a very beautiful and colorful bird. The most gorgeous part of the bird is its colorful feathers. It is said that the Peacock spread its tail’s feather when the first rain come into the forest. Only lucky people are able to see the spreading feather of the bird.

People are very much fond of the colorfulness of peacocks. That’s why they choose it as tattoo art and inking on the skin. The peacock has symbolic meaning also. This also encourages people to do tattooing and bring a more pretty look with the meaning of the specified symbol to their appearance. So keep reading and you can have chosen any design for yourself that we put for you.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

From ancient times people tattooed for symbolic meaning purpose. Every tattoo has a specific meaning that bears a cultural history. Peacock tattoo has both specific symbolic and religious symbolic meanings. The tattoo design has many additional meanings. The tattoo denotes positivity with hope and wishful belief. It also connotes delightful.

The colors of the feathers represent a pure mind with light and a soft heart. By choosing such a tattoo design The colors of the peacock can adorn you with its generosity. It also possesses royalty and grace. 

Peacock Tattoo Religious Meaning

The peacock is the national bird of India. Being the national bird it also has a religious belief of the Hindus. In Hinduism, it is believed that the peacock walked with the Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and success. So, it also possesses the symbol of conquest. The feathers eye symbolize that it protects the earth by seeing.

Some tattooed this design to show their spiritual thought and believed it will bring prosperity to their life. The white peacock is rarely seen. It represents the purity of the heart like its color.

  • In Christianity, the peacock bird is representing rebirth and also resurgence. The bird is a very gentle species and the tattoo art of it specified its generosity.
  • In Greek culture, the peacock’s feather represents knowledge and spread wisdom to people.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Meaning

Peacock feather tattoos are very popular among women. The bold colors of the feather represent the delight side of one’s life. The feather tattoo also means the elite. The meanings are varied from man to man. You have the tattoo and you choose the meaning of what seems to fit you. You can have the colorful feather tattoo as a denotation of pride or prosperity or superiority.

  • Peacock Feather Tattoo for Female Arm

This is a very unique and stunning design tattoo added with jewels on it. The green color is so bright in the tattoo and the jewels in the middle give it neon brightness. On the below of the feather tattoo, there is a beautiful purple butterfly flying. This makes the tattoo design a more pretty look.

Peacock Feather Tattoo
  • Rose With Peacock Tattoo

This is a light blue and light green color tattoo of peacock and the tails are of yellow and light blue shade. Like the peacock head color, there are two sticks of blue flowers over its back and two red charming flowers with blue ones. You can see a large yellow rose flower blooming on the front side of the bird. It’s like all flowers are dancing with the peacock.

Rose With Peacock Tattoo

  • Peacock Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is a good place to get a tattoo. In this tattoo, the peacock is beautifully portrayed and added with many more elements such as a bold purple butterfly, small yellow, light blue, and purplish flowers, a big red bloom flower with green leaves, and a cage. The tattoo designs look full of nature.

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Peacock Thigh Tattoo

  • Royal Peacock Tattoo

This royal tattoo design seems so attractive. It is art with royalty and the eye of the peacock looks so realistic.

Royal Peacock Tattoo

  •  Peacock Feather Tattoo Wrist

The wrist is the best place if you want to show your tattoo design directly. This wrist tattoo with a single colorful feather symbolizes positivity. You can have this tattoo design if you want to show your positive thoughts and beliefs.

 Peacock Wrist Feather Tattoo

  • Black Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black peacock feather design tattoos are so popular. This peacock has black feathers and the design seems raindrops on the feather that bring it a great look. It looks like the peacock is flying through the woods and it will bring good luck towards its wearer.

Black Peacock Feather Tattoo

  • Unique Peacock Feather Tattoo

This design is very unique with the colorful peacock with its tail. The tail’s feather is designed with small skulls in it. That completely gives it a different look. Some are very fond of a skull tattoo. You can put on this tattoo and get a smart look.

Unique Peacock Feather Tattoo

  • Black Peacock Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are portrayed of black color with bold curve lines. Some don’t have an interest to get a colorful tattoo. They prefer black over any color. This black peacock design is much preetier and smart to look at.

Black Peacock Tattoo

  • Peacock  Simple Tattoo

This is a very simple design and the peacock here is so small in size. It has a long tail of light blueish color and the head is full black. Peacock is the most colorful bird but here the design is art in a simple way.

Peacock  Simple Tattoo

  • Peacock Black And White Tattoo

Look at this design, it is so much winsome to see. The art seems like a pencil drawing, so furnished and designable. These two flowers are on both sides of the bird as holding the bird in their blooming nap.

Peacock Black And White Tattoo

  • Shoulder Peacock Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are a common choice of tattooers. This design looks great on the shoulder because of its curved feather design. The feathers are drawn in a very monadic way. It gives the tattoo an engaging look.

Shoulder Peacock Tattoo

  • Peacock Sleeve Tattoo

In this design, the peacock’s tail is drawn in black color and there is red love shapes barter of real feathers. The peacock also holds a love sign. This can be the meaning of it spreading love to others as well as its wearer.

Peacock Sleeve Tattoo

  • Peacock Arm Tattoo

This is a very delightful tattoo design you can assume. The colors of the peacock much shining and there are also flower with the bird. If you are wishing to do a tattoo you can choose this one as the arm is a noticeable part of the body. So the design can easily be shown.

Peacock Arm Tattoo

  • Leg Peacock Tattoo

This is a medium-size tattoo, not full black color. The design is portrayed in an olive color that looks so amazing. You can add something different to look better to this tattoo.

Leg Peacock Tattoo

  • Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

Peacock is a beautiful creature. You can get a tattoo design by your head. This peacock design is much big in size. There is a red moon behind the bird. This gives the design a great look.

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

  • Peacock Japanese Tattoo

Tattoos are called ‘irezumi’ in Japanese terms. Japanese tattoos are more distinctive and mixed with cultural significance. This piece of work is so pretty and floral with the black and red color on it. This is an amazing tattoo design you can have for yourself.

Peacock Japanese Tattoo

  • Peacock Feather With Name Tattoo

The Peacock feather is considered the symbol of beauty and luxury. It shows the spiritual belief. In this tattoo design, the name ‘Loknath’ is of a saint of the Hindu religion. There is a flute in this design with the name and feather wholly representing the theological belief of the wearer. The design is so attractive.

Peacock Feather With Name Tattoo

  • Peacock Chest Tattoo

The chest is the vast canvas to put on a large tattoo. Here the tattoo of peacock wears a pearl torse which gives it a royal look. The design is drawn in black and white color that is amusing.

Peacock Chest Tattoo

  •  Peacock Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly is a celestial creature and of symbol endurance. In this design, a very admiring deep yellow butterfly is holding the peacock’s feather. This picture is shown resilience meaning. Most women have very much interest in getting this type of tattoo.

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 Peacock Butterfly Tattoo

  • Colorful Peacock Tattoo

This is a colorful tattoo of the peacock bird. Here in the picture, the mixed colors of yellow, red, light blue, black, green, and orange make the design more explicit. 

Colorful Peacock Tattoo

  • Full Back Peacock Design Tattoo

The back is an extensive side of the body where you can art a tattoo in a large size. In this tattoo, the artist is trying to cover the full-back area of the peacock tattoo. Behind the peacock’s tail, a woman’s face is hiding. It is a great way to show a large tattoo design with a distinct feature.

Full Back Peacock Design Tattoo

  • Peacock With Skull Tattoo

A Skull tattoo generally denotes death. On the other hand, a peacock is a symbol of protection from all negative things. This design of a skull with a two-peacock tattoo represents that it protects its wearer from death or any omen.

Peacock With Skull Tattoo

  • Peacock And Lady Face Tattoo

The bright color of the peacock shows a fresh mind with softness. In this tattoo design, a peacock is flying over the shoulder of the lady. The lady has a glamorous look. Lady’s face is also a sign of good luck or good fortune. So this tattoo gives more significance to the meaning of the tattooer.

Peacock  And Lady face Tattoo

  • Peacock Feather with a Harp Tattoo

In this design, you can able to see a girl is sitting and playing music on a harp, and in the head of the girl, a feather is stand there. The girl wears the feather as a jewel on her head. This is an unrivaled design with a great theme.

Peacock Feather with a Harp Tattoo

  • Peacock Flute And Feather Tattoo

This peacock’s feather with flute tattoo seems so fascinating. The feather is colorful but the flute is not colored and the design is small in size.

Peacock Flute And Feather Tattoo

  • Small Peacock Tattoo

This cute little peacock design is so startling. If you want to do a small tattoo with an attractive look you can have chosen this one.

Small Peacock Tattoo

  • Peacock Feather With Tiger Eye Tattoo

Tiger is a robust animal in the jungle. It also gives a powerful vibe towards others. Here in the design, a tiger eye is behind the feather admires its potentiality.

Peacock Feather With Tiger Eye Tattoo

  • Neck Peacock Feather Tattoo

This neck feather design can remind you of the rainbow. Like the rainbow, the peacock’s feather is designed here more colorfully that is stunning and gorgeous. You can do such a tattoo design on the neck or wrist or wherever you wish to.

Neck Peacock Feather Tattoo

  • Peacock And Cat Tattoo

This can be a facilitated design for cat lovers. In this tattoo, a cat in the middle and peacock’s feathers are on the below of the cat. There is some blue stick of flowers on the head of the cat. The design is so admiring that anybody can tell.

Peacock And Cat Tattoo

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What Does The Peacock Tattoo Symbol For?

— peacock tattoo is a symbol of prosperity. Not only it but also the tattoo art symbolizes many meanings such as generosity, pure heart, softness, and hope for future belief. A tattoo can be used for more than one meaning in a particular way and it depends upon the wearers of the tattoo. You can use the above symbolic meanings as per your choice.

  • What Does The Meaning Of The Peacock Tattoo In Hinduism?

— The Hindus believed that peacocks walked with the goddess Lakhmi who is the deity of prosperity. The goddess gives power to the peacock to protect the earth. On the feather of it has an eye by this eye peacock guide the protectivity of the earth. That’s why peacock art stands for prosperity and it gives strength to get success in life.

  • Is there any bad luck meaning to get a peacock feather tattoo?

— No, there is no bad luck symbol of peacock feather tattoo. The feather tattoo denotes good luck and success and also means the spiritual belief of certain cultures. But many animals or birds tattoo (feather) considers as bad luck such as an owl’s feather. It sometimes represents an omen.

  • What Does A White Peacock Tattoo Stand For?

— The white peacock is a rare animal to be chosen. But it has the great meaning of observing. The color white itself is a peaceful color. White peacock tattoo connotes the purity and innocence of the tattooers. It gives more meaning if you want to do so.

There are a lot of variations of peacock tattoos. The beautifully colored bird adorns itself with many more bold colors that can adorn you also by tattooing. If you want to do a tattoo with symbolic meaning you can have the peacock tattoo that we bring for you in this article. You can add any sign or thing or animal or bird that will also make the design more creative. Before tattooing you should know the meanings, it can help you out to find a fit one for your thought and belief.

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