Blink 182 Lyrics Tattoo

15 Attractive Blink 182 Tattoo Ideas For Rock Music Lovers!

Blink 182 tattoos have mainly come from the love for Blink 182 rock band. Do we know their journey of starting? Lets us know about it. The rock band was established in 1982 with the support of  Tom Delonge and Scott Raynor. Gradually Kerry Key, Anne Hoppus, and Mark Hoppus joined the band.

We have collected classy designs of blink 182 tattoos for you. You can get them on any part of your body like the chest, hand, and legs. To know more about design, keep reading this article.

Classy Blink 182 Tattoo Ideas

1. Blink 182 Logo Tattoo

Blink 182 is an American rock band. The tattoo design illustrates the logo design of blink 182. The design includes a smiley face where two crosses represent the eyes and a semi-round line presents the smile of the face. It is placed on the arm.

Blink 182 Logo Tattoo

2. Blink 182 Smiley Face Tattoo

Blink 182 is a special kind of tattoo design. It illustrates a smiley design on the arm. It also includes five arrow signs. Two colors are also used in this tattoo. The pink color is shown below the smiley. Along with this, the blue shade is presented on the side of the circle.

Blink 182 Smiley Face Tattoo

3. Blink 182 Bunny Tattoo

The tattoo portrays cartoon characters that are very popular in our childhood. The cartoon’s name is Looney Tunes. It has different characters like a rabbit, a pig, and a duck. It looks vibrant as it is a colorful design. The design is placed on the thigh.

Blink Bunny Tattoo

4. Blink 182 Drummer Tattoo

Blink 182 is an American pop band. Their drummers have tattoos on their bodies. Inspired by them, you can get a drummer tattoo on different parts of the body like the chest. The design is shaped with a round circle. A simple quote is also presented with this.

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Blink 182 Drummer Tattoo

5. Blink 182 I Miss You Tattoo

The tattoo illustrates a girl who is very sad. She has short black hair wearing a colorful band where a blue flower is set. A moon shape is also shown colored with orange color. It includes a sad quote up of the moon which is “I can not sleep, I can not dream“.

Blink 182 I Miss You Tattoo

6. Blink 182 Lyrics Tattoo

The tattoo design includes a colorful blink 182 logo. There is a combination of magenta and blue color. On the upper of the logo, a musical lyric is shown. The lyrics have shown ” Hold you, touch you, feel you always. The design looks very vibrant on the arm and it beautifies the part of the body.

Blink 182 Lyrics Tattoo

7. Blink 182 Nurse Tattoo

We are aware of the nurse characters. She is a helpful figure in our life. When we go to the doctor, nurses help us to reach the doctor’s advice. The design includes a nurse wearing medical gloves. Her hair is colored with a light yellow shade and her dress is white. There are yellow gardenia flowers in front and behind her. It is placed on the arm.

Blink 182 Nurse Tattoo

8. Blink 182 Rabbit Tattoo

We are familiar with the characters of Looney tunes. We also know in that cartoon, there was a rabbit who likes to eat carrots. The design is placed on the thigh. The rabbit’s bunny is shaded with black color. He is wearing jeans pants shaded with light blue color. A red shoe is on his leg. It will remind you of your childhood.

Blink 182 Rabbit Tattoo

9. Blink 182 Sleeve Tattoo

In this tattoo, blink 182 is shown boldly on the upper arm. It includes also a cartoon character. It is shaded partially with grey ink. The writing “Blink 182” is written boldly with black ink. Usually, men prefer this type of tattoo design more. It helps to beautify the arm.

Blink 182 Sleeve Tattoo

10. Blink182 Flash Tattoo

Who does not love flowers? especially girls are attracted to flowers more. This blink 182 tattoo design, includes colorful gardenia flowers on the lower arm. The middle of the flower is dark purple color and the petals are light purple color. Multiple leaves are drawn to beautify the tattoo design. The leaves are shaded with light shades of blue and green.

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Blink182 Flash Tattoo

11. Blink 182 Butterfly Tattoo

In many religions, butterflies are considered good luck. That is why, in the cultures of many countries, citizens are eager to get butterflies. Blink 182 has also butterfly designs. This design is drawn artistically with black ink. Inside the wings. there is a shading of blue color. Upper of the two wings, two blink 182 logos are included. It is placed on the stomach.

Blink 182 Butterfly Tattoo

12. Blink 182 Quotes Tattoo

It is the common blink tattoo design.  The design includes a logo. There is a smiley face and two eyes are represented as the cross. Another round outlining shows arrow signs with black color. There is a quote on the upper side of the logo. It says “What’s my age again?” Some colors are splashed on the design also.

Blink 182 Quotes Tattoo

13. Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket Tattoo

It is the unique design of Blink 182. What do you mean by take off? sometimes take off means leaving the own country airplane by packing clothes and other staff. The design represents a plane shading with red color. It also shows pants and a jacket. The pant is shaded with yellow color and the jacket is shaded with green color.

Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket Tattoo

14. Blink  182 Jack & Sally Tattoo

Jack and Sally are the characters from the song “the nightmare before Christmas” released by Blink 182 band. The song describes how Jack and Sally are so in love during Christmas time. The design also includes a quote which is ” we can live like Jack and Sally if we want”.

Blink Jack & Sally Tattoo

15. Blink 182 Lyrics Black Tattoo

Blink 182 is a renowned musical band. They released different popular music. The design shows the lyrics of a certain song. If you have any favorite song, you can illustrate your favorite lyrics from that song. It also includes the Blink 182 logo in the middle of the lyrics.

Blink 182 Lyrics Tattoo


  • What does Blink 182 tattoo mean?

Blink 182 tattoos are basically for music lovers. We have many fans of Blink 182 for their rock music. They try to symbolize their love for the band by getting a blink 182 tattoo.

  • Who outlined Blink 182 Smiley?

Scott Raynor, ex-drummer of Blink 182, outlined the Blink 182 Smiley. It was announced by Mark Hoppus.

  • What font does Blink 182 band use?

Blink 182 band uses the bold font. They also design it with Helvetica Bold Oblique, Trade Gothic, Futura Book, And Resurrection.

We hope you have liked our beautiful collection of blink 182 tattoos. They are not only classy but also attractive to music lovers. If you are a music lover, you will be interested to get a blink 182 tattoo. Good luck to you with your next tattoo!

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