Behind the Ear Tattoo Pain

Behind the Ear Tattoo Pain: What You Need to Know

Before getting an ear tattoo a common question arises, “How much it is going to hurt?” as the area near the ear is pretty sensitive. Not only in terms of ear tattoos but also before getting any tattoo, the pain level depends on the tattoo size, skin thickness, personal pain tolerance, and so on.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the facts you should know before getting an ear tattoo!

Understanding the Pain

Before diving into you have to understand the pain of getting a tattoo. It is natural to get hurt while getting inked, since it involves piercing frequently inside the skin with razor-sharp needles. The pain is caused by various reasons including continuous puncturing needles, skin sensitivity, individuals’ pain tolerance based on their sex, age and weight, skin tension, experience, and so on.

The most hurtful areas of tattooing are the bone areas, skin with nerve endings, thin skin, and skin with no fat. These areas are the nipple, breast, sternum and rib, elbow, wrist, ankle, spine face, and so on. This includes behind the ear area as well. You can follow tattoo pain chart, which shows the level of pain on different body parts.

Study about Behind The Ear Pain

A study found that the pain of getting a tattoo behind the ear area is 5.3 on the pain scale. According to the study, which was conducted in 2014 by the author Michael L. Smith, it is not the most painful area to get a tattoo. The interesting fact of this study is that the experiment’s participant is the author himself.

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How did the author experiment? Well, he let him stung by bees in 25 locations in his body including underarms, nostrils, cheeks, upper lips, nipples, and his private parts. It was a total of 38 days of experiment and each day consisted of 5 times sting.

Tattoo Pain
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How Long Does the Pain Exist?

The level of pain while doing a tattoo is different for everybody, as we have mentioned. But how long the pain stays? well as it is the area on top of the skull, the pain is extreme but the real issues occur after the tattooing is done.

After getting a new tattoo, swelling can occur at first sight for the very first week. But, if the swelling stays more than that, one should consult with a health specialist.

And as for basic aftercare, keep the ear area clean along with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Minimizing the Pain

The crucial part of getting a tattoo is the aftercare. As mentioned, the pain only lasts while tattooing but swelling stays longer than that. So, to reduce your pain consider following the steps below:

  1. Do not get a tattoo from any local tattoo parlor. Get your tattoo done with the expertise. A good tattoo artist might be costly, but isn’t it better to get from somewhere that is trustworthy? Also, an experienced artist is very acknowledged and conscious about the task they perform.
  2. Maintain proper hydration both inside and outside. Drink plenty of water before and after getting the tattoo. Staying dehydrated might cause pain. Before your session, keep your body hydrated beforehand. And after getting the tattoo, especially on the first week stay hydrated as much as you can.
  3. Use a good moisturizer. Moisturizing the skin will help to reduce the pain
  4. Follow a balanced diet and avoid alcohol.
  5. Stay calm and keep your muscles relaxed while doing it. You can listen to music or podcasts while getting the ink done.
  6. Avoid moisturizer, sun exposure, going to sauna, or staying in the hot tub or pool for a long time. Newly done tattoos can be felt irritation so stay aware of scrubbing it and also make sure to keep your tattoo protected from pet hair.
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Signs of Trouble

You need to keep a good eye on your newly done behind ear tattoo. As we have said, swelling is normal for the first week. But if you see the redness is not fading or the area near your ear is facing excessive pain or any pus is noticed or any kind of change in the skin texture! contact immediately with a dermatologist or a healthcare professional.

Do not get panicked, and be patient.

Final Thought

Despite of the pain, tattoo lovers prioritize their love and passion for tattoos! Getting a tattoo behind your ear might be painful but the result is surely worth of it. Also, it isn’t that much bad! It can be the best choice for minimalism lovers expressing subtle elegance as there’s not so much space in the first place. One can express his/her personal style and creativity as it is eye catchy.

But make sure to choose a professional and well-experienced artist! it is not only good in terms of getting the ear tattoo but from every aspect.

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